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she had another nipslip on her sc the other night and some see through stuff on her tt and ig today
How can she be that yng and still have flapjack pancake titties?? Wtf
Holy shit, you dumb fucktards really did make yet another thread for this ugly bitch that doesn't have wins. What is this? The 5th time you've tried? God damn you must be really fucking dumb.
>>41884 The village idiot called, he wants his braincell back. On a side note, please do get cancer. Boring little incel trolls like you are nothing more walking ads for birth control. I bet your dad wishes you were a stain on the bedsheets.
>>41889 she ugly af though
>>41862 Any caps?
>>41907 So are you. Your mom told me so last night.
careful with her y'all, this government paranoia shit she's on now seems dangerous....seems like people that go through something traumatic that fall into a government/conspiracy induced paranoia always go missing for a bit and wind up...well ya know. Might be a good time to back away from this one
>>41960 I don't care what the stupid little stoner slut thinks about while she's high. I just want to see her big saggy tits.
>>41960 Apparently she's been accused of sexual ass ault against another girl. Anyone know the details?
lol she’s having a full breakdown. This “music video” she made is hilarious
Blow up the thread. This is our last chance
how about a site that isn't cancer
(327.26 KB 1206x1160 pic.png)
is she ok?
>>42103 She thinks she's a singer now. They're "lyrics". She will be very embarrassed by this shit in 10 years time.
>>42107 She should be embarrassed fucking today, like right this instant. “I’m so fly, I could never hurt a fly” <—- whuuuut the fuck hahahahaha Jesus Christ
>>42113 Rhyming "fly" with "fly". Genius. Ngl, when I was -insert consensual age- years old I said some pretty cringy shit, but not on Twitter where real people might see it. I'm only interested in seeing her tits because she said they've been leaked.
>>42141 In her latest tiktoks she's drawn fake tattoos on her arms. She's a fucking train wreck. Someone must have the masturbation video previewed in the op. Please post it!
She thinks she's "in the musNot allowedndustry" and "an influencer". I dunno guys. She looks like she's not gonna age well. Her tits already look like fried eggs. I bet she stinks as well. She looks like she needs a bath.
>>42150 I'm not allowed to say m u s i c i n d u s t r y? This site is a fucking joke.
>>42154 Fuck off
Someone on her SC story said they just saw her pussy. Anyone got a source?
>>42181 her robe opens up and you can see her underwhere
>>42195 No you cant fag. Kill yourself.
Best we got so far man
>>42292 TF is this
>>42150 >I dunno guys. She looks like she's not gonna age well. Bro she already hasn't aged well. She looks like a 40 year old chain smoker with yellow teeth, has greasy hair and I bet she smells rancid
(45.46 MB 0w0.kay_TikTok.webm)
From a t1ct0c live last year
wtf this chick is ugly
>>42290 when you use your google pixel 4 to take screenshots you gotta make sure its not stamping ur device ID, location. you just doxed urself HARD
>>42314 does that look like it was taken on a pixel 4 stfu
>>42314 That's an S21 retard
>>42311 is it anything more then just her in a bra? cause otherwise its just a waste of time