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Anonymous 10/06/2022 (Thu) 09:02:28 No. 6842
German stuff?
>>6842 they are weird
(47.89 KB 640x480 1590626716354-0.jpg)
(48.58 KB 640x480 1590626716354-1.jpg)
(313.05 KB 640x480 1590177047130-5.png)
(402.85 KB 1080x1180 1590591597465.jpg)
>>7176 shut the fuck up you inbred retard
>>7175 Still one of the GOATs.
Big Kat series is still the OG and that fuckin body was glorious. All praise to Vern. RIP
This calls for @ upscaler beyotch
>>7622 FFS how does an online video deteriorate so badly? Is it in the uploading process where it gets chewed up? Or peeps start tinkering with resizing, adding brightness etc? Genuinely asking Because the clarity was far better than this when i first saw it years ago
>>7690 Legend >>7630 Are there more vids or pics? Also whos Vern? Was the back story to this?
>>7689 https://it.xxxvogue.net/5503049/a-spiare-la-tettona-zia-nella-stanza-da-bagno.htm http://6keNot allowedm/to/1292844-spying_my_busty_auntie_in_the_bathroom.html https://www.homepornking.com/video/2/112/5591/279568/?th=12 Here some full length versions if someone else wants to try dl'ing it and then upscaling it.
>>7694 geez this is going back There's over 30 vids of 7 or 8 women, at least 3 were students(Nina, Steffi, Kate) who for memory were all staying at his home?, because there's nudes of all 3 there. Vern i think was his online handle?, cause his real name was Thomas H. He died of an "apparent heart attack" in 09 aged 43
>>7697 There was also captures of an Amy, Mara, Angie, all exchange students. He also had several family members his wife, sis-inlaw, mother-inlaw etc
Did any of them find out or talk about this? I knew the "lore", but never knew his realm name.
>>7697 Wow. Is there any info like was there new stories on it or is just the lore thats passed around online? >>7699 Any links or files on these?
>>7689 Both really. But usually, the encoding settings of hosting/tube sites is really poor to save storage space and speed spaming, so, a bunch of these videos could be 3rd/4th gen re-encodes easily.. like the olden days of people passing round tape to tape VHS copies of films!
>>7702 You'd have to assume if one found out she woulda told the others, and their fb acs did go cold! Kat has a french blackish partner with 2 little ones, one of each color lol. She seems to have lost her bust
>>7713 Damn. Big Sadge....she deflated. Oh well. Shit happens lol
Any more recent pics on vern's ladies?
>>7713 Fark, married a kneegrow and got a reduction. Disfraceful. Got her social media links?
>>8018 fuck off you racist piece of inbred turd
>>8018 here's a couple more pics just for you, you the fucking racist inbred foad!
Not a racist degenerate, just wondering what the fuck happened to her body? It’s infuriating when women and girls with developed, voluptuous bodies become sticks, especially at a time when thickness is basically worshipped. What a waste of a body, now she’s just like every other basic blonde bitch out there. Going to fap to her old nudes, fuck this skinny shit
I mean she's ashamed of it herself, she photoshopped her baby to look white lol But yeah, real shame about those magnificent tor-es
>>8029 Who cares if youre racist or degenerate? Yeah so, skin has elasticity. If youre pushing your skin to the limit by being thick over years from being a teen to late 20s or 30s your skin will not bounce back if you lose weight. Likewise having a baby, the limits of your elasticity come into play and if it does not bounce back everything becomes stretched. Her body was thicc and redlining max RPMS in her glory days. Breastfeeding or getting milk wouldve killed her tits too depending
< useless info time > The full residential address was posted on his obituary, so had a looksy, and found a 6 min realtor video. Huge 6 acre property was sold coupla yrs ago when the wife remarried and moved on. Property had 3 lavish separated wings. One huge room had 3 queen size beds set up in there, wtf.. for male exchange students? It showed the same bedroom Kat undressed in, the exact same bathroom she washed her pussy whilst her gals bounced about, and where Steffi showed her new implants, the same pool Nina splashed about in and same kitchen/dining area that were all seen in the ol 30+ set of vids Their wealth came from a farming equipment business that's been in the family for over a 100 yrs
>>8021 >>8024 Do you guys know what website you're on lmao? Also where did you get these pics from? >>8042 How did you come by this info. I can't googling 'vern hidden cam voyeur pics' to be a really good idea.
>>8043 >Do you guys know what website you're on lmao? thing is the fuckwits then ask expect/want you to post more wins, when in fact there actually biting the hand the feeds them! There too inbred to think logically
>>8045 >There too inbred Lol. You're breaking the law by being on this website. You're not in a position to whine about racism.
>>8058 lol and you broke your sister's hymen, as well as the law!
>>8063 Racism isn't a crime dude ;)
https://motherless-/g/only_for_voyeur_lovers/1A4183F Found the bedroom vid.
>>8138 It is here dude.! Say racist crap and risk the OP refrain from posting more material! and that's a fucking crime! Grow a brain!
(2.26 MB 1904x859 alex.png)
>>8042 Thanks for the info, I love collecting for this series and also love details like this, so I don't find it useless XD No love for Alex though? She's a fav of mine for sure Fuck, part of me legit wants to see the relator video, don't suppose you have a link to it? Haha
Alex was great
(218.13 KB 1024x1024 alex 024x1024.jpg)
(910.08 KB 2048x2048 alex 78459_n.jpg)
>>8221 selfie was post just 3 weeks ago
Can anyone share the whole set? can we find it somewhere? Thanks in advance!
>>7713 >>8024 >>8221 >>8249 Stop being a pussy and poist the linkts to this pics
>>8265 https://motherless-/term/Bigkat Doesnt have the other girls but has Kat
>>8298 Yeah call him a pussy, that will entice him, lol you wanker Just so you or other fuckwits can find out there socials and harass them, grow a brain!
>>8304 VIRUS Why mods keep deleting good threads with good content for no reason but malicious links like this are not deleted for ages?????
mega nz/file/aw1XFBAC#maqSfwEzuNqFtT-vGGe-OfZIp1ktTRSvWqvgTq-SPmI
New vid of Kat. POink bikini, checking her pussy in the bathroom, No doubt to make sure its good to go for vern.
>>9651 Works but requires you pay or wait 6 hours for download. Bloody is are there ANY fil,e sharing sites that are fre and not FBI honepots. Literally everything has a storage limit of 1mb and makes you pay for their 'service' so they cna hand your back details to the glow niggers