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(304.80 KB 785x720 Kristin.jpg)
(6.99 MB 576x844 TITS!.gif)
GOT KRISTIN? Anonymous 06/21/2022 (Tue) 21:45:30 No. 74747
Seen one vid but not this one from the gif.
(71.49 KB 610x1080 udriyftuoolhbk.jpg)
(72.45 KB 561x996 tuyguh.jpg)
(126.91 KB 1260x712 eutdryiuglbhk.jpg)
(117.39 KB 610x1080 eytudrfyhvgjbh.jpg)
(118.96 KB 610x1080 rdtjfhkgvhjhb.jpg)
(86.84 KB 610x1080 txjdfchkgvjbh.jpg)
>>74747 I've also only ever seen the one video unfortunately
Can you post the vid?
Kristin had the tiniest pussy.
>>74974 pass? not the usual
>>74976 Literally posted retard
already gone, could anyone please reload?
>>74986 It’s not gone retard. User error.
I don’t see a pass ??
>>74979 Where ?!?
>>74992 nice try cunt, it's gone AND there's no pw posted here. Go fuck yourself.
>>74996 i just d/l the 211mb file now lol pass is there u idiot
>>74996 Really bragging about how stupid you are, huh?
>>74976 >>74986 >>74994 >>74996 Troll or retard?
>>75001 Same level of IQ either way, so does it matter?
guess im a dummy and usually I have these figured out. what is the pass?
>>75010 first line is the link second line is the pass
>>75012 says data is corrupted
repost pass pls was deleted
Looks like stuff was deleted, bummerz I'd like to see her vids
>>75020 It's not a zip file. You'll need an appropriate app or program to unpack it
DAMN! Reup Plz
(96.65 KB 393x512 Art.jpg)
Pimeyes finds the first pic and this frame does not exist in the vid I have. So guessing at least 2 more vids out there. Also found some pics of her in a student newspaper.
>>74975 Had? Past Tense? Do Tell Anon....................
>>75161 some guy's been claiming there's a video of her fucking her ass with a brush or something
>>75137 af vfZb31r5y5 Mirror: gf BOkqvO NQHHHbTznvGJFsVQ8trUfuvUZaRS3k>>7513
>>75192 yeah think i've seen that too, some time back.. might have even been a 3rd vid too fuck where did i see it???
thank you for the pw
>>75200 Tx4link&pw
So what's Kristian and Spiderman's password? Please!
>>75260 >>75292 last line
You know man been long work day y'all just don't wanna share the pass instead y'all wanna fuckin be stupid sooo fuck you and the password
>>75294 >>75260 >>75292 Even after you've been given guidance ffs Gawd damn lazy imbeciles like you should be banned for life!
So hot i want suck shit from her ass
Tried the long key underneath and says unable to compress with this pw
>>75298 Use better software
>>75294 Interesting. Found the same from 2017. So was she RHS or SHS since that's the art club? Still would love a L@st nme hint cuz she prob turtled.
>>75424 >>75200 On the above post. The third line of letters and numbers NQ...to k
i know kristin. she's inactive on social media and either doesn't have S n a p anymore or has made a new one that i can't find. there isn't much more in the way of pics or videos to find so best to just let this one go and not waste time.
>>75352 I originally thought RHS since the football field pic but Art club I think confirms SHS. They are 12 minutes apart and so maybe SHS had a game at RHS. No luck as of yet searching Kristin at SHS. Would like some of the other vids that obviously exist.
Could someone please give me some direction once opening .iso? I don't see anywhere to enter pw
>>75616 You need to stick your penis in a usb port to open it
>>75750 No one answered
She makes me want to bust my load in my own mouth and swallow
>>75890 Post pics with timestamp and 74747 and I'll post more Kristin :)
(609.49 KB 1000x1250 Ooooooh.jpg)
Not sure what this is from but was in a past Anonib Kristin thread.
>>75161 what school?
(141.11 KB 683x512 PaintingRocks.jpg)
>>76446 What's the 1st 'S' stand for?
>>76580 school you retard
>>76609 The FIRST 'S' you fucking retard. You think she went to "School High School"? Dumbfuck
(34.19 KB 329x406 Philosopher Lao Tzu.jpg)
>>76638 Well from this post >>75492 its 12 miles from RHS. If you can figure out (like many Anons have) what High School has a blue artificial turf (since real grass is green) seen in the first pic here >>74747 then look in a 12 mile radius for another High School that starts with an S. I give you a clue... Aesculus
>>76638 Lol you actually took the bait, you're an giga retard, holy shit. Learn to take a joke, you actually fetal alcohol syndrome drooling idiot.
>>75161 >>76446 If people here have found multiple pics of her from the school newspaper, how does no one know her last name?
>>75200 down
>>77061 mir AEMVWMEF NQHHHbTznvGJFsVQ8trUfuvUZaRS3k
Managed to figure out a high school but not a mirror. Feeling like a pajeet today. Mirror link is through GF or am I missing something? >>77125
>>77134 Mir is short for Mir dot cr, a link shortener. When you see that, join them then / and add the number to make the link. That site has links to several other links to choose from.
>>77139 I think the really long series of numbers below is a password.
>>77134 the user above me explained it, but the file was taken down so it's no longer accessible.
(2.21 MB 1208x2150 5432789.png)
(2.30 MB 1212x2142 9876543223.png)
(2.58 MB 1218x2148 245671121.png)
(2.14 MB 1220x2144 09876542345.png)
>>75192 she definitely did do some anal play with a brush.
>>77381 Do you have the vid?
>>77381 Yeah, would like this as well. Here are some mirrors from mir link that's dead: 1fichier v3ljit0uyzhhxhegdinc turbobit pifrjjwr8alf www109.zippyshare dBaaf1lv NQHHHbTznvGJFsVQ8trUfuvUZaRS3k
>>77591 zippy links to Kirsten Dunst Spider-Man, nice troll
>>77594 The name is used to disguise the link you fucking dunce
>>77595 watch your tone, bro
>>77134 anyway we can get a reup?
>>77599 Nah he's right, dude wears helmets if he thinks filenames correspond to the files inside. Smoothbrain behavior at it's finest
>>77735 How about a link then?
Bump for anal brush link