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(999.39 KB 4000x6000 95.JPG)
bri@nn@ @erial Anonymous 05/24/2022 (Tue) 05:46:54 No. 8152
If you know, you know...she has a private link out there somewhere...anyone got pics?
Considering her mom was arrested last month any "private links" are probably BS.
(192.07 KB 1280x853 IMG_20220525_112353_631.jpg)
>>8189 Do you have more?
(182.42 KB 853x1280 IMG_20220525_115756_386.jpg)
>>8192 Nice
l love to see more
If y’all got the link send it and I will buy some content
this is hot thanks anon
Where ever did u find those and do u have more??? MEGA BUMP!!!
Where ever did u find those and do u have more??????? MEGA BUMP!! Thanks for sharing
bump for more goodies in the name of all that is holy and beautiful
Agreed! BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP up the jam!
New stuff?
So with her mother being arrested, there wouldn't be anyone to sue for copyright infringement by leaking the sets. Of course, considering her arrest location was an FBI office, it's entirely possible that any private sets of hers are now hot so might be best to wait.
>>8267 Curious, is there media mention / court doc of her arrest? I am curious if it's the same photographer that got busted for Ry
>>8267 Bump for more info on this
>>8268 The only respam of it is her listing on the inmate list for her county and the list of charges. I've been trying to find any news stories but they're unrelated.
>>8282 Search up "wake gov criminal respam inquiry", click the first link, then click the button that says "Arrest Respam Portal". Put "Grieves-Curl" in the last name box then hit search. You will find Brianna's mom
Anyone got the link that was taken down?
>>8292 Found it. But doesn't look like federal case though
>>8298 Yeah so far there's no federal case pending against her but she was arrested at an FBI office so who knows. The part that interests me is the list of charges says she was charged in June 2021
last rumor i heard is that she is out on house arrest the chargers sorta imply someone with a metal dis was involved does brianna have that? >>8299 idk about the the US legal system but is it possible it took some time untill he was arrested?
Share Briannas content
links reup
any wins to post
>>8302 Well the statute she was charged with doesn't imply someone has a mental dis. The charge just says prostitution of a m i n o r or someone with a dis. Afaik Brianna doesn't have a mental dis. And yeah guess it's possible but an entire year makes it seem like she was running a honeypot with their supervision
>>8325 weird they would run a honeypot if that means 1 FORBIDDEN is actively being exploited seems like they would step in ASAP in that case i am curious what the future brings tho how long does it take for someone to get a case pending?
Anyone got any of her sexier stuff or at least a link?
>>8333 Try this fbi.gov
>>8327 I'm mostly speculating at this point since there's no court documents yet. Once she goes to court and there's an official case then we can know then
Can we get the maid outfit
Bump for more
(171.58 KB 853x1280 photo_2022-06-01_12-14-59.jpg)
(88.82 KB 853x1280 photo_2022-06-01_12-14-49.jpg)
(142.85 KB 853x1280 photo_2022-06-01_12-14-47.jpg)
this stuff isn't even close to being as risqué as the stuff James Lidestri, or "Giocomo" as he liked to call himself, did with american teens the same age as her. the mother and photog must have done some real sick shit for not-so-private buyers to get partyv&
(1.09 MB 4160x6240 1654110856955.jpg)
>>8425 Well the mother was arrested and charged with prostitution of a m i n o r and negligent c h i l d abuse leading to injury so who knows. Maybe Brianna got her back blown out by the photog
just please dear god keep the new pics coming- these are great. Bless you to whomever is sharing. And agreed, nothing close like Giacomo's were.
(1.65 MB 4000x6000 34.jpg)
(1.45 MB 4000x6000 59.jpg)
(2.34 MB 4000x6000 44.jpg)
(2.31 MB 4000x6000 53.jpg)
(147.48 KB 640x960 1 (1).jpg)
(170.65 KB 1440x1800 1 (2).jpg)
(132.49 KB 640x960 1 (3).jpg)
(1.75 MB 4160x6240 1653233409393.jpg)
(105.80 KB 853x1280 IMG_20220324_121727_093.jpg)
(100.59 KB 853x1280 IMG_20220324_121731_172.jpg)
(103.79 KB 853x1280 IMG_20220324_121724_759.jpg)
(1.64 MB 3950x5629 4.jpg)
(1.53 MB 3986x5431 8.jpg)
(1.77 MB 4160x5563 5.jpg)
(1.58 MB 4082x6114 10.jpg)
anyone got anymore
these pics are all great but seem to be repeats from other sites...anyone got more of these sets? or good different sets?
>>8425 the charge was promotion of prost not prost my gut feeling says she was putting out "feelers" among private buyers and that fucked her maybe a honeypot? maybe a buyer got busted and they went through his info and stumbled upon her idk its just my gut feeling and speculation
>>8474 A vigilante instagram profile was mentioning last year that she actually setup a price for certain services. Don't think it was just "feelers" she got busted for.
I think many images in this thread are illegal. Mods, please delete.
>>8483 Suck a dick gay queer
>>8488 I am sure you will suck a fat one in prison
>>8483 >>8489 what a fag
>>8483 You think these pics are illegal? I can see more nudity of teen girls for free by walking down the beaches in France or Spain than is shown on those tame photos
>>8530 Grant got arrested on federal charges for exactly these kind of pics. There's definitely precedent.
>>8530 Nudity by itself is not illegal. Intent matters too. Federal prosecutions routinely use the dost test to determine the legality of images (https://en.wikipedia-/wiki/Dost_test). I am 100% certain many of these images can be argued to be illegal in a court of law. These images need to be taken down.
>>8482 can you elaborate more? im curious now and since the mom already got busted there is no point in secrecy
for anyone interested her moms tiktok is ssmaryjane and she posted a tiktok yesterday so shes prob not in jail atm
>>8556 What are you stupid? Look up his court case. He got busted for having pictures of girl's buttholes. RC and BL are girls specifically mentioned in court docs btw. Not to mention the judge thought the charges probably wouldn't stick.
>>8574 In the article for the arrest, the judge said that the complaint itself doesn't hold up the case and the judge hasn't even seen the evidence yet. The case is currently in discovery which is when both lawyers and the judge see all the evidence
>>8574 Can't you fucking read? Nudity / display of private parts is not necessary for a picture to be deemed illegal. Prosecution has to convince the judge / jury that the pic meet some of the Dost criteria to establish illegality. And I am damn sure they can do that if they tried with some of the pics on this thread. And fyi, acspaming to the court docs, grant's pics were not showing private parts. Apparently they featured pics where parts were "barely" covered. Meaning - they were still covered. The reasoning you are using to justify that it's okay to have these pics around is what got grant in trouble in the first place.
>>8562 Can't read too much into that. A different person could have claimed that id after she deleted it. Just like timelessintx which is active again on insta while grant is in federal custody.
>>8575 That judge was from a different jurisdiction who ordered the photog's detention out of caution because, apparently, he was trying to flee the country from an airport in that jurisdiction lol. But I think what matters more for the case is that the photog has already been indicted by a grand jury. So someone already got to look at the pics and take a call on their illegality. There is no going back for the photog at this point. 99% of federal FORBIDDEN exploitation cases end in conviction after being charged/indicted. Who knows what else might turn up in the devices that were seized. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a superseding indictment with additional charges. In any case, the photog is looking at hard prison time.
Any guesses on how long it's gonna take grant to start singing lol? If the insta vigilantes are to be believed, that gaspari guy is going to be in a shit load of trouble.
>>8591 Considering he hasn't taken a plea deal, I assume he's actually going to try and fight this. Acspaming to the latest court document though, it looks like evidence discovery is taking a bit of time as there's a lot of personal information of what I assume are the custom buyers
Did presly do borderline stuff like RC and BL that got grant into trouble? I heard the whole custom idea started with presly.
>>8591 It's moot considering they already have what they need. It's a matter of deciding which custom buyer to go after based on which set meets the definition of ****
>>8591 who is gaspari
>>8596 link
>>8622 I don't have an account on pacer but it should be available there since it's a federal case.
can someone just post some more wins if they them?
>>8696 agreed!!!!!!
>>8696 How can one post MORE wins, when no wins were posted in the first place?
then someone just post some wins, no need to be a douche about semantics
Bump? There's gotta be some wins
(1.94 MB 4016x6016 DSC_6154.jpg)
Zoom in.
>>8868 more of this!
>>8868 Anyone see her mom’s blog about how she was in a biker gang and addicted to drugs (probably meth, or speed, or one of those white trailer trash drugs). I wonder if she got arrested to letting her biker gang friends take turns fucking Brianna for drugs. That would be hot as fuck.
>>8876 If true it wouldn't have been Brianna, but her older sister.
>>8927 we dont know that tho all we know is that she got arrested thats it
Well, it was fun while it lasted. I guess it's over now. I speculate the rumors about better sets were just that, rumors. Time to move on, I guess.
Grant is fucked now. Looks like they found 1000s of images and vids of ill3gal pr0n on his devices.
>>9128 which one was grant
>>9136 didnt work
>>9136 i suspect this is a virus lol there is no BJ video
any swanhill
>>8596 Do you think he will take a plea deal Considering >>9128? Looks like he is in a tough spot.
>>9242 Well considering they're currently in the discovery process, it's too early to tell since they still have to look through all the images and shit to determine if they are admissible evidence. Considering the stories everyone has heard about Grant, I imagine he will take a deal after they see all the images he has.
who cares about the case....lets got focused back on posting Bri pics/links/vids
I’m thinking Grant knew just how to manipulate the girls and run interference with family. These girls live their whole life based on social media. I’ve heard of IG girls sucking dick to get featured by a comglomerator of content, and I also heard that one guy didn’t know about Grant and begged a mom for content and was denied, yet all kinds of crazy shit shot about the same time they begged for it earlier hit the net and he was like WTF. Their is no more coolest FORBIDDEN in school anymore. The entire universe is online, and their is no accountability. All kinds of creeps have built these bottlenecks of info that can make these girls internet famous, and they are using that to get jerk material.
>>9255 Just like how the Jews run the entertainment industry. You have to suck the dicks of a powerful few if you want to get famous.
Not really, u have to be hot, or a rich Jew. You just don’t see an ugly guy on the offender list. They are all look like morbid excuses for a human being. But if your a hot guy, you can pull allthe virginity you want, slap all the hot corporate female ass you want. As long as your not too famous. If your at a level where turning on you doesn’t make them a world famous victim, you will never have a problem. Only ugly guys can be bad in that way.
Oh, the good old days when we used to post images....
>>9252 Doesn't discovery by definition mean evidence that is admissible? Or does it mean all the images found on his devices that they have to sift through and determine which ones are admissible? In any case you are right, Grant will likely take a deal. Also it's crazy how long these cases take. He was arrested like 3 months ago and they are still in the discovery process.
>>9253 And get into trouble like grant? lol. people don't really learn
>>9274 Discovery is when the prosecution and defense sift through all the evidence and agree on what can and can't be used in the case. Because of the vast amount of material they have to go through and the fact Grant waived his right to a speedy trial, this is going to take a while.
>>9253 >>9266 for people who don't post you sure like to complain >>9275 good goy, you know your place.
>>9292 This type of case will probably take a couple of years to resolve. Heck, even reaching the plea deal phase will take a year or more.
>>9253 Wasn't there news a couple of weeks a buyer was tracked down and arrested? I don't know how people have the balls to deal with this stuff.
>>9293 for someone who may or may not have posted...you sure dont post a lot.
>>9328 citation needed
it looks like she posted a new set on her SS
(1.33 MB 4160x6240 GMA206-084.jpg)
>>9418 This the new set?
>>9418 can you post more of this?
>>9426 nope. replace the spam in that url with x y z
Tbh … she is kinda … meh Not good legs at all That dwnload link wants to charge you also 😖
Had a good copp it’s gone now.
>>9479 what happened?? someone post something they shouldn't have??
>>9529 well? Care to elaborate since you seem to be in the know...
>>9530 Someone probably got around to reporting it for copyright violation since some of her sets were posted in the thread
>>9532 Still there like other threads Register to see it That is all Takes it off the Google crawl
>>9538 cant seem to find it
(52.03 KB 750x421 1656679672716.jpg)
Does anyone have anything that hasn't been seen before?
>>9728 Yes, and they were definitely just waiting for your request to begin posting.
(19.18 KB 244x379 aerial red set.jpg)
this set just popped up on her select sets site. i have never seen it. price is $100. maybe someone already has it to share.
>>9759 those VS bra and panty set seem to be really popular with teens.
(83.74 KB 1040x1560 received_372260494804079.jpg)
(94.60 KB 1040x1560 received_488071609757195.jpg)
Thanks for the 2 pics. A good start
Thanks for the 2 pics. A good start.
>>8159 she had an invite only site where she sold the lingerie pics you see leaked here also her mom got arrested but is probably out on bail ,since she is making tiktoks and brianna posted a new set last week on her public site
Holy fuck post the full set
Do you have the video?
Do you have the video?
>>9786 Video? What video?
selectsets briannaaerial/
The red set is on select sets. 91 photos and one video. For sale for $100 which is why I mentioned it here.
The video of 9659
Nice... please post the whole set
(88.82 KB 853x1280 photo_2022-06-20_12-05-36.jpg)
here is yet another image from the red set. dribbling out one image at a time. 87 and video to go
>>9805 hot damn that cut away, this one might just be a preview. Maybe there is a full version
>>9851 BS looks more like a ad scam
any1 got a backstory to this girl? just amateur model? If some1 kind enough can explain than it can help me dig/find/share more. I dont get why folks wont just drop the full sets instead of 1/2 images. btw what is "SelectS3ts"? they seem to have a shit ton of her photos
bump for more of the red set
I know a little about Brianna's back story. Others know more or may be able to correct me. She started modeling at about 13 or so. She was/is a gymnast and training aerial artist. She was udely popular on Instagram, although the world is split...half think she is ugly and manly, the other half hot as hell. Her bikini sets were most popular, of course. Sme sets, such as the blue lingerie above, are particularly hot and it seems clear there are sets and pictures that show more but masy be hoarded. I have seen links to nudes, but they were dead ends. As noted by several people above, here mother appears to have been arrested, though I cannot seem to find information on exactly why. Brianna and mother announced she would take the summer off from modeling and there has been no meaningful current activity. Her Patreon was down last I looked. Select Sets is a pay site and it has most of Brianna's content but for a price. The red set above is priced at $100, steep even for her. I have purchased a few sets to fill out my collection, but never for more than $20 give or take.
I have heard somewhere theirs a vid of her fucking
>>9933 If thats true it will never be seen for free. worth a goldmine!
Mom got arrested for prostitution
pls full sets
ain't no one putting the full sets on here bud. good luck with that.
>>9938 That's something that I hate about this app culture. Nobody knows shit about remaining anonymous anymore it's like we've gone back to the days of torrenting. 2010-2015 were the good old days of getting this stuff because people knew how to use Tor forums.
>>9938 it was a group with previes of pron videos and then a premium group to get the full ones it looked like a scam so i doubt that video actually exist >>9994 problem with using TOR is that the material on the sites that gets you a white van a lot faster than the material on this site
>>10050 >That's how I've gotten and shared TBs of this stuff for decades now. No you haven't you stupid larping faggot considering all the misinfo you just posted there. You're a retard who read some shit online, didn't really understand it, and just repeated back nonsense.
>>10051 Holy shit arn't the pigs active on here now. This is literally part of the law enforcement playbook. Deny anything that anybody says about security and try to get people to be unsecure. They did that on various Tor forums after getting Admin access. They wanted people to disable javascript and play videos while online to take advantage of exploits. I never fell for it, hence why I'm still here. Here's another tip, 7. View your content offline, disable the network cards on your machine before viewing the files you download. There have been exploits in VLC and other photo formats. So if what I'm saying isn't true, then prove it?
>>10059 By prove it you mean point out where you're wrong so you can learn from it, no you're attitude is rude and disrespectful and I'd rather see you trip up and get arrested than help you out :) Anyone with even basic knowledge of opsec can see that you're a retard. Keep driving around in your van buddy, they'll never catch you lmfao.
>>10061 Your a LEO, 100% LEO. You've done nothing other than make broad statements without facts behind those statements. Also it's not just about my opsec, it's about everybody else here. If my opsec is so fucking flawed you'd think that you'd want to help other people out to not be stupid like you claim I am? But you don't, because your LEO, and you want people to fuck up to get arrested. BTW the van thing isn't something I do 100%, but it's more of a point to not use your own internet connection and switch up connections all over the place using long range wifi antennas so they'll never know were to raid you.
>>10050 This is so retarded I don't know where to begin.
Game over 🥲
>>10132 What is it with retards and tg?
>>10134 it was those annoying tiktok moms hating on her and other models
>>10132 well, this is fucked - not that we ever had chances of seeing all those selects3t files lmao - I have yet to see leaks from them
i have some select sets. nothing too outrageous. send me - info
>>10141 it seems like it was tiktok people yes also the dude behind selectedsets tried sending a cease and desist to one of them which seems stupid to do to someone who is fully willing to go to court why escelate like that when they clearly want to fight the letter was also in very bad english so he showed his hands that he has either none or bad lawyers
>>8152 Anything new
rofl, i cant believe my reply just got deleted and my ip banned for a simple comment of me thinking out loud in this thread. My reply didnt contain any controversial photos nor did it contain any personal information about anyone. It was simply only a bit eye opening. If anyone sees this before it gets deleted too, i advise you take care what you talk about in this thread.
>> Who is RC and BL? Does anyone have any links to Grant being arrested?
>>10224 I agree. I've had my posts removed too without posting anything bad. I think LEO is behind this site now. Getting people to use apps, social media, not following security.
>>10332 I would agree. The site has a very different feel to it now, especially with the push to get people on apps/social media. And such a high focus on asking people to post cp at the moment. Sketchy.
>>10332 This isn't the deepweb moron, retards using apps and social media on here is par for the course. The cops don't need to take over this website all they have to do is post a d1sk0rd or tg, or just catfish profiles or honeypot links and most idiots here will fall right into the trap. Morons get an iphone, t3l3gr@m and nordvpn and they think they're untouchable lmfao.
Only a fucking idiot would compromise their anonymity by doing any of the things mentioned?
I mean, its clear as day. Someone gets banned for some good thinking and eye opening comments. Meanwhile others get away with posting cp, personal data and links even though it is said directly in the sites rules that it is all prohibited. Do the math. I don't have anything to hide but still: - Over & out
>>10678 >getfil essnow.com/4f8ssu Got some screenshots before we click on that?
>>10682 It links to m e d i a f i r e and has one of those "choose an offer to prove you're human" bullshit things. It says a file is there, but you can't get to it.
Let’s just get back to posting pics
>>10959 No shit. There are no less than 6 "specials" out there hoarded. No one will give that shit up in here because it doesn't look like anyone is serious. All the bickering, BS and gossip shows this is now filled with mostly lurkers and scammers.
>>10967 i saw that people accused her mom of brianna having a s3x video no real proof of that has been brought so far
>>10973 Yea who knows about vids so many rumors. No doubt about the PRIVATE TRADE NOT ALLOWED only site and all the private sets done on it though. Several pics on here from them so they for real.
>>11053 people say all those are leaked on the onion but im way to scared to touch that
>>11083 Did you hear where on the onion this is suppose to exist?
I just came back from Onions, there no new content on there. Trust me if these contents leak I'm sure they'll leak here at the same time. This thread is actually more complete than what is on the Onions.
>>11133 that is what i found also. nothing that wasn't already posted here or elsewhere on the clearnet
>>11133 Either way this drought needs to be broken.
Just post
lidestri's house was searched days after selectsets was closed down lol.. he knew what was coming to him
>>11162 who is lidestri? saw the name before but don't know who that is
>>11162 source?
>>>11167 The guy who owned selectsets, the website that apparently hosted bri@nna@'s stuff
>>>11178 it didn't make the news but people familiar with the situation have been chatting nonstop about it. also there were a couple of insta vigilante profiles who were celebrating lol
>>11347 then link those?
lidesteri is scum and none of the custom stuff was posted on select. IDK how much it originally cost to buy them but whoever has them can make bank selling them now whinle everyone still wants them
did he get busted for her customs or what? do we know what her customs are?
>>8189 >>8417 >>8457 >>8458 >>8460 All of these posts contain customs. they exist
>>11372 why is he scum?
>>11372 So wait that private select wasn't the one for customs? There was an entirely separate list of sets from everything?
why is her shit so difficult to find lol, not a single complete set out there. We all insane here askin with no progression lol
>>11454 There was a PRIVATE TRADE NOT ALLOWED only page that sold some of the customs and other sets sold privatly. Select was the "legit" page. the customs on here are prolly not all there is she was seling for several months.
in_v@_ta tion o_nly
>>11470 oh, knew about that one but didn't know there was private too
Anyone heard the x-mas set haveing a vid??
I have no clue what the story is with her. I hope the speculation is false. Brianna brought so much to the table, she didn’t need to cross the line to be successful. She is an accomplished athlete with measurable results and rewards for her efforts. Where this gets ugly is MC. No talent, no known skills,just an 11-12 year old only fans model waiting to turn 18, being coached by a mom who was simpimg along the step daddy, who went downtown on her, probably to save his own self.You don’t go to the FBI with a story about your wife’s blood FORBIDDEN without talking to the wife 1st, unless it’s to save your own ass. Meaning he was probably finger banging the FORBIDDEN and getting hand jobs and panicked. Then you have to venture back to the main shot fired. Vestalyn’s fat pitiful mom’s failure to sell her own porn content to her 9 year old daughters fan base. No one wanted that fat pigs pics. They were jacking to the daughter, mom was the anti boner. In her haste, she could not put the phone down long enough to report everyone and anyone. She’s the one who coached her FORBIDDENs to tell the cops that Brianna stated she was being forced to suck c@ck. A total lie! 246coa
Less lip, more nip or gtfo. Your choice.
>>11538 jesse,what the fuck are you talking about?
Will they go after Grant's buyers?
>>11569 It depends. A Forbes article reported that police identified over 70 men who sent payments to that photog. I am not 100% certain how these investigations work but I think all of these men will at a minimum be added to a suspect list and stay on it probably forever. Now who gets a knock on the door will depend on what they bought. If they happened to have bought whatever the stuff was that got the photog indicted and they are able to connect the payments to that material, then they can expect to be detained at the very least. At worst, they may expect to become Bubba's side bitch (main bitch being grant ofc lmao). Moral of the story is, stay away from - shit.
^ meant to say, stay away from forbidden stuff. fucking chan keeps truncating words.
>>11569 Hopefully
>>11573 hopefully what?
^ can't you read
>>11569 probably not
>>11655 why not? the same material that got grant charged should get whoever has it also charged no?
>>11663 You can't do shit. Kill yourself faggot.
>>11662 It's easy to prove Grant was selling those sets, it's much harder to prove what any buyer bought, to convict a buyer you'd need to prove they bought a specific set.
Grant made people sign ndas and he frequently doxxed them , it's easy to know his buyers
Grant made them sign ndas , give Id, an he frequently doxxed
Grant made them sign ndas , give Id, an he frequently
Grant made them sign ndas , give Id, an he frequently doxxed
>>11665 Easy to prove and charge the buyers as well..Inst4gram conversation history showing buyer agreeing to buy the set + + payment on paypal + finding the set on their computer after search warrant
>>11676 The sets that are explicitly mentioned in the case as the ones they are charging him for production with weren't what he sold through IG. I'm pretty sure it's the stuff he sold through tg that required an nda which you would have to be extremely mentally deficient to agree to sign.
>>11688 What's the point of an nda? Did that idiot think it could protect him from the law?
>>11570 They identified 70 men? That does not sound very believable. How can they compel the bank to give out the names and other info of these 70 men without first proving what they bought? Maybe it's just shitty journalism from forbes, as usual.
Why is it that people quote articles they claim to have read online but never provide evidence. Sounds like fake news to me
Learn to google retards.
>11711 The article is not fake news. Just search for forbes and grant durtschi on google. They did a big piece on his arrest.
The FBI literally has access to all the IG and TG messages of his so they definitely know which account bought what and with which banks
>>11716 If that was the case, we should be seeing a shit ton of arrests no? it's already been 5 months since the photog's arrest
>>11718 Acspaming to all the court documents, Grant's arrest was due to 2 specific sets that weren't offered for sale to anyone afaik so since no one has those sets, there's no reason to arrest anyone else. Everyone who purchased from him is definitely on their radar
>>11718 Most arrests never ever make it to the news. Plus, 5 months is nothing. I’d say at the 1.5 year mark, if nothing happens by then, that’s when the buyers could let their guard down and think they’re “safe”.
>>11719 If they were never sold to anyone, how did investigators get hold of them in the first place?
>>11710 You don’t have to prove much with companies like PayPal and banks to give out info. They cooperate at will even without warrants in most cases. A police offer just sends an eNO PRIVATE - HERE claiming FORBIDDEN exploitation investigation and the companies lift up their skirts and give everything they have.
>>11722 Bro just read the court documents. They literally lay everything out. All the sets were stored on Google Drive with backups on Mega and physical drives
holy shit what a mess this thread turned into are the photos shared above ALL we got? cant find jack shit elsewhere + the guy who had all the shit got busted, is this really "it" ? Unless yall sharing stfu
>>11737 you will probably join grant too in sucking off bubba
>>11721 Nothing will happen to the buyers until it's proven in court that the images are indecent. If/when he's found guilty, then is the time they'll go after the bigger buyers as they're likely to have bought off multiple people.
>>11741 There is no reason to wait that long since there has already been an indictment. Searches in literally every case like this happen in the first few months to a year.
So, this has been entertaining to read. There is, however, one small problem with volumes of speculation going on. Grant never photographed BA. All of this is regarding the other two models well known for risque sets. As far as other custom sets - they don't exist. At least not for BA. So - if you want to spout that I'm wrong, fine. Provide the tangible evidence that discredits me. In the meantime, post a pic or something. The foil hat shop is running low on inventory.
I actually look forward to falling asleep with a big smile on my face as my retirement plan goes in to effect and they haul me away for never laying a finger on a minor or even buying a custom like the alleged talked about here. I’ll get used to 1/4” of foam on a concrete slab sooner or later. It they will get stuck with my medical bills, and they are vast. Meanwhile our FORBIDDEN molester POTUS and his crack smoking Chinese baby raping son will continue to drive us all in to the ditch. All while I’m getting 3 hots and a slab with free medical. 🤪🤪🤪🤪
>>11760 Yeah, BA, Ryliegh, Bellalyn & Vestalyn's photographer/promoter at selectsets got outted by tiktok moms. Interestingly enough, when it got shutdown Bella suggested that there may have been an investigation already happening, and the moms could have screwed it up.
>>11775 But selectsets didn’t host any of those sets from the guy who got arrested. What would they investigate there?
>>11793 probably they investigate all angles and gather as much evidence as possible and then shift through it later
>>11775 Vestalyn never did anything remotely like Brianna, Bella or Ryleigh.
>>11812 I noticed after shit went down she deleted almost every pic on IG with BA in them, especially any that were modeling shoots together. She appears to be putting as much distance as she can from all of it.