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Anonymous 05/14/2022 (Sat) 07:11:19 No. 3169
POV: You work at a spa and went to check the steam room and see my wife enjoying herself on the table. What do you do?
She’s sexy af. I need more
(259.67 KB 2048x1536 received_360589288778734.jpeg)
(156.32 KB 2048x1536 received_220051559982469.jpeg)
Here's a few teasers. I'll reveal more if I get more activity. A couple dressing room selfies she sent to her bull
She looks like a good little slut. I wanna see her bending over and showing off her pussy. I like her
Rubbing her wet pussy
Damn she looks so tight and wet. I’d love to stretch her out 😍
Tell me how delicious she looks from behind 😋 thank you all for responding. I love sharing how amazing she is
(538.37 KB 1080x806 Screenshot_20220516-105846.jpg)
(549.35 KB 1080x806 Screenshot_20220516-105856.jpg)
Here's a few more teases to sprinkle in
she's got really nice tits how do her feet look?
Oh I had a snap of them somewhere. I'll get them posted soon. But best believe they are nice.
Fuck! I wish I could be sliding my cock in her pussy it looks soooo good. I wanna see her bending over showing off her asshole😋
Here's a good view of her asshole while fucking her. She loves to show everything from behind while on top. Who wants to blow their load all over this?
I wanna eat her pussy and lick her asshole until she’s dripping wet then fuck her in both holes and when I’m ready, I’ll fill her asshole with hot cum. I bet she would love that😉
She would love to watch your cum drip out her holes. So while you are fucking her, you better make sure she can watch you go inside. Her words. Not mine.
Feeling horny from the attention
She’s a good slut. I want her to get dressed up in the sluttiest outfit she has, I’ll take her out, come back to your house, and you can watch me fuck her and fill her full of cum. She can play with herself after it’s dripping from her holes
(6.51 MB 4641x8160 20220516_220613.jpg)
Someone do a cum tribute with her
Fuck she’s so sexy. Even with clothes on she makes me want to strip her down and eat her pussy
Please do. She'll plant her clit on your tongue and ride your face till she cums. I love it when she smothers me with everything she has
>>3212 Omg she is gorgeous! She like firemen?
She definitely likes a man in uniform.
(328.66 KB 872x1569 received_366848021549264.jpeg)
Another tease in clothes. I love how noticeable her nipples are. Imagine how they move when she simply walks
She’s so fucking sexy. I love her style
She knows she's such a tease too. She loves the attention. Would love to share her and watch her get all the attention she begs for
(238.76 KB 1298x1461 received_162569532349870.jpeg)
I did a photoshoot of her in this lingerie. My God it was so hott. We fucked right after too. She didn't even need to take it off, it was easy to access
(1.19 MB 1080x1915 Screenshot_20220518-173459.jpg)
Wearing her pajamas, her tits always slips out.
I love this little slut. I wanna throat fuck her then cum in her asshole
>>3272 I'm the opposite, I wanna cum in her ass then throat fuck her
Maybe both of you spit roasting her and switching. Make it messy
(625.85 KB 1080x810 Screenshot_20220519-200145.jpg)
She wants some stranger to cum on her nipples so she can lick it off
(768.98 KB 1080x1435 Screenshot_20220524-173755.jpg)
How would you defile her?
I would bend her over and pull those panties to the side then eat her pussy and her asshole. Then I’d like to start with just me in her, then get a friend and double team her. I’ll take her asshole. Show me more