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(59.04 KB 960x1340 Snapchat-475098263.jpg)
Anonymous 03/17/2023 (Fri) 00:46:36 No. 9325 [Reply]
Fuckkkk!! More!!! I'd make this thick bitch scream. Bet she would love to gobble up my dick.
From what I can see 5 to 6. Need more photos to make an accurate rating.
Fat cow. Not hiding that belly with a blanket and high wasted panties

Anonymous 03/20/2023 (Mon) 14:56:45 No. 9408 [Reply]
How is she?

(1.58 MB 1080x1920 1.png)
Anonymous 03/20/2023 (Mon) 14:09:28 No. 9406 [Reply]
is her ass fuckable?

Fucking my wife 03/20/2023 (Mon) 13:43:40 No. 9404 [Reply]
Hope you enjoy

(17.56 KB 720x720 FB_IMG_1678530665404.jpg)
Anonymous 03/11/2023 (Sat) 15:45:25 No. 9135 [Reply]
From 1 to 10
Lets see more of her and ill see what i rate her!
Her tits and ass
(92.79 KB 1206x2208 Snapchat-1979579234.jpg)
(135.40 KB 1170x2142 Snapchat-433924405.jpg)
I wanna know
Don’t let this slut die out , we need those tits bare

Anonymous 03/18/2023 (Sat) 16:12:34 No. 9369 [Reply]
8-10 , give more for better rate

Sacramento 03/19/2023 (Sun) 05:10:53 No. 9381 [Reply]
My Ukrainian wife Ksusha. Would you like to see more of us?
Naw just more of her
Give us more

(344.49 KB 1536x2048 IrV-qYtE.jpeg.jpg)
(175.60 KB 970x1686 Ex1a8BwWEAoI8xk.jpeg.jpg)
(47.70 KB 442x1024 -n7f5p5.jpg)
(67.72 KB 660x1239 Es0SiEgW4AMTk0r.jpeg.jpg)
Anonymous 03/14/2023 (Tue) 01:39:05 No. 9238 [Reply]
What yall think
4 posts and 8 images omitted.
Hell yeah bet she take a dick good!
(168.86 KB 1055x1221 VideoCapture_20220619-181549.jpg)
(174.79 KB 1040x1711 VideoCapture_20220619-181623.jpg)
(269.10 KB 1080x1321 VideoCapture_20220619-181541.jpg)
(276.93 KB 1080x1299 VideoCapture_20220619-181532.jpg)
(202.46 KB 1080x1361 VideoCapture_20220619-181546.jpg)
My milf of 4
Close up pussy shot. Have her bend over n arch that back pplleeaassee
(258.70 KB 1536x2048 zPihweCK.jpeg.jpg)
(307.56 KB 1536x2048 skAnu0DX.jpeg.jpg)
More of her

(2.64 MB 720x405 Great Ball Deep Ride 02.gif)
(4.54 MB 4032x3024 2019-08-03 23.05.56.jpg)
(4.91 MB 4032x3024 2019-08-03 23.06.07.jpg)
(4.83 MB 4032x3024 2018-10-24 18.16.55.jpg)
(11.15 MB 776x506 Skiing Practice.gif)
(11.89 MB 1280x720 Balls Deep 01.gif)
AsianChunkyCouple 03/19/2023 (Sun) 05:55:37 No. 9383 [Reply]
Yes. She likes her toys big. Would she keep you happy in the bedroom? How?

(97.25 KB 1251x1755 received_410086907951783.jpeg)
Anonymous 11/13/2022 (Sun) 17:47:02 No. 6374 [Reply]
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(79.76 KB 1080x1440 received_143608969859679.jpeg)
(3.58 MB 4032x3024 20221213_235232.jpg)
I would do some unspeakable things to her...
(105.96 KB 1088x1807 received_394133022452296.jpeg)
How tight is that pussy really tight?
(378.69 KB 1237x1649 -4is98y.jpg)

(614.46 KB 0XTKiSu.mp4)
Anonymous 03/13/2023 (Mon) 04:02:16 No. 9215 [Reply]
Like this?
Would like to see that pussy

(7.64 MB bRuucUz.mp4)
(4.93 MB gZuLZuE.mp4)
(1.27 MB czk8meu.mp4)
Anonymous 03/13/2023 (Mon) 04:04:51 No. 9216 [Reply]
Here's some more
Yes would like more of her

(13.12 KB 180x320 1522631282929.jpg)
(11.58 KB 180x320 1527304652587.jpg)
Anonymous 11/11/2022 (Fri) 08:02:43 No. 6329 [Reply]
what do u think
6 posts and 10 images omitted.
(264.28 KB 1840x3264 20170320_182520.jpg)
(215.36 KB 1840x3264 20170320_182538.jpg)
(206.62 KB 1840x3264 20170320_182420.jpg)
She has a banging body! Id love to arch her back!!

Anonymous 03/15/2023 (Wed) 17:46:37 No. 9286 [Reply]
Rmw. Any opinions on her tits? What would you do with her? Hot?
I would fuck her raw all night. Can we have more of her?
Love her lips. She looks very pretty from what I can see… I’d love to see more!
Come back, guy! Your wife is hot!
Any opinions on her puss? Does she look like she has a tight innocent pussy?
Good tits

Anonymous 03/17/2023 (Fri) 16:06:48 No. 9338 [Reply]
Tell everything in detail what you’d do to my wife
First I’d tell her not to use filters on her photos

What would you do to her? 02/01/2023 (Wed) 06:05:54 No. 8136 [Reply]
My wife’s loves to be fucked like a whore, what are you going to do to her?
6 posts and 1 image omitted.
She would to be fucked by me and another guy
Damn she’s perfect, first name? That pussy is tiny
Bro it’s so tight and little. She would so let you fuck her she loves dick. H@nn@
show off fucking her man she's sexy af

Anonymous 03/13/2023 (Mon) 22:36:06 No. 9237 [Reply]
Look at her
Hell yeah post more!!
Brooke P?

Anonymous 01/11/2023 (Wed) 11:59:30 No. 7797 [Reply]
What do y’all think about her?
Shes a stunner. Let's see some more of her.
Here’s a few more
i’m a fan op

Anonymous 03/16/2023 (Thu) 05:59:20 No. 9305 [Reply]
How bout this
Keep going, bud. She’s hot. We need to see ALL of her.
Let me know when you’re back on…

Rate 02/11/2023 (Sat) 14:36:46 No. 8342 [Reply]
Fucking wifey
8 posts and 3 images omitted.
I want to see her with a cock shoved in her throat
Face is camera shy
Lets see her face!
Lucky girl. Very nice cock.

What do you guys think? Anonymous 07/11/2022 (Mon) 14:28:28 No. 4032 [Reply]
She wants to know what y’all would do with her
52 posts and 44 images omitted.
I’d slap those fat tits around n suck em dry
Love those big tits, any video?
>>8047 show the snatch son!

(2.48 MB 2134x4278 foto_no_exif (5).jpg)
Anonymous 02/09/2023 (Thu) 22:46:59 No. 8300 [Reply]
Any thoughts?
1 post omitted.
Oh I like the strip of hair on your pussy too
Nice tits, look natural... I can easily imagine you having my cum in those panties.
>>8300 moar op
Looks like my ex. Send some fuck pics...

Anonymous 03/15/2023 (Wed) 17:11:21 No. 9285 [Reply]
Hey you! How about exchanging a few messages if you like me? omgtech­.­today

Rate? 03/11/2023 (Sat) 08:08:30 No. 9133 [Reply]
I need more

Anonymous 03/14/2023 (Tue) 20:08:38 No. 9265 [Reply]
Which one
I'll take her ass

Anonymous 01/28/2023 (Sat) 22:11:36 No. 8063 [Reply]
Who likes this ?
5 posts and 3 images omitted.
It’s not that bad. Just kinda looks like a hotdog that was microwaved too long. It helps to poke holes in it first.
>>8069 the pussy is fine dude. don't listen to incels that've never gaped a girl before.
Tell your girl anytime she wants me to suck that pussy and fill it with a big pole I will gladly help. I cum like a horse so I'll fill her right up.
My man, this bitch's pussy looks like a goddamn face hugger. Why the fuck does she not take care of herself or her fucking meteor crash site of a fucking vagina?
I’ve seen pussies tighter than this after a 10 man gangbang

(118.19 KB 632x1175 20210731_032549.jpg)
Indy area Sexy MILF wife 12/02/2022 (Fri) 16:24:07 No. 6790 [Reply]
Loves showing off for me and sending me naughty pics like this. She's also looking for a boyfriend :)
Can we get your or her sc?
Lets see her holes
I’m in indy and wanna tear her up

(560.52 KB 1868x3720 Snapchat-1344053662.jpg)
(221.75 KB 1080x2316 Snapchat-1620308509.jpg)
Anonymous 02/28/2023 (Tue) 20:28:55 No. 8791 [Reply]
First two are after we had our first orgy 10/10 would recommend
3 posts omitted.
(118.66 KB 1080x2220 Snapchat-1382758322.jpg)
(246.55 KB 1080x2280 Snapchat-1669186075.jpg)
(243.17 KB 1135x2110 Snapchat-1368068366.jpg)
Shes got an amazing body
A video of y’all having a orgy would be nice

(1.23 MB 1920x2560 20230129_084744.jpg)
(38.42 KB 360x480 20180807_210956.jpg)
Anonymous 03/13/2023 (Mon) 15:32:10 No. 9229 [Reply]
Bismark slut
Damn i love older women!!!

(317.89 KB 1170x2142 IMG_1867.jpg)
(402.44 KB 1080x2316 VideoCapture_20220609-174405.jpg)
(598.68 KB 1080x2316 VideoCapture_20220609-174411.jpg)
(13.00 MB 12000x9000 20221224_214901.jpg)
Anonymous 03/14/2023 (Tue) 19:40:39 No. 9262 [Reply]
Rate her
Damn shes god a nice fat pussy!!

Anonymous 01/05/2023 (Thu) 14:08:09 No. 7633 [Reply]
She’s self conscious what do you think
7 posts and 1 image omitted.
She wants to see cum on cock she’s opening up
She’s finally to be dp’d does anyone want to see her…she needs attention

(73.12 KB 843x998 FB_IMG_1678715564759.jpg)
(95.79 KB 750x1334 FB_IMG_1678715702382.jpg)
(68.90 KB 843x1544 FB_IMG_1678715649281.jpg)
Anonymous 03/13/2023 (Mon) 13:57:53 No. 9226 [Reply]
Rate my wife. What would you do to her?
I’d fuck her on the tractor
More please

(2.81 MB 3024x4032 101.jpeg)
(8.90 MB 210x374 1.1.gif)
rate my wife 10/11/2022 (Tue) 02:15:25 No. 5677 [Reply]
rate her :P
6 posts and 8 images omitted.
I go to your church… always those your wife was hot. My boner will be massive next time I see her with her hands raised praising Jesus…
Please come back, OP... that other dude was lying.
>>5708 her pubes are nice.
>>5972 you know it’s an incel bro

(84.21 KB 1170x1560 received_3378888632379574.jpeg)
(83.98 KB 1536x2048 received_675588120497818.jpeg)
(376.89 KB 1536x2048 received_862099514957441~2.jpeg)
(120.05 KB 1170x1560 received_632129855074091.jpeg)
Anonymous 11/15/2022 (Tue) 07:48:50 No. 6394 [Reply]
25yr old wife. Trying to find someone who is willing to t r a d e wife content on s n a p. I have A LOT from her.
32 posts and 35 images omitted.
(1.29 MB 3072x4080 PXL_20230215_033824627.jpg)
(1.93 MB 3072x4080 PXL_20230215_033814820.jpg)
(2.35 MB 3072x4080 PXL_20230215_033757765.jpg)
A fun valentine's day for us
Add sFaggot macxx23
Bump I’d - my left but to get inside her

(2.80 MB 4032x3024 20191229_201612.jpg)
(1.08 MB 2268x3115 rituals.jpg)
(2.73 MB 4032x1816 20210808_205656.jpg)
Rateher 03/11/2023 (Sat) 02:01:21 No. 9120 [Reply]
let me introduce you to my wife. 29yo
Post more of her!! Her pussy looks amazing!
hello m’lady
(87.73 KB 1472x1104 IMG-20210402-WA0007.jpg)
(192.64 KB 640x480 37177186725634298700.0.jpg)
(4.19 MB 4032x3024 20200112_025712.jpg)
Well guys on request more pics give it your honest opinion
Yes more of her

Anonymous 03/12/2023 (Sun) 22:06:36 No. 9200 [Reply]
God I bet that pussy tastes fucking amazing
>violet, you're turning violet! But in all seriousness, the tits and pussy are out of this world. The fingers are manly and look like mine, and face is average, and lack of hourglass. Overall I'd say a low 7.
Need to see more my friend. Those tits and don't get me started on that pussy.

Anonymous 03/07/2023 (Tue) 14:56:11 No. 8997 [Reply]
What else?
3 posts and 2 images omitted.
Damn show more of her!
How would you use her??
Last night, she likes to show off
Amazing. I would cover her

(999.57 KB 1404x2235 foto_no_exif (6).jpg)
Anonymous 02/10/2023 (Fri) 17:00:25 No. 8314 [Reply]
Anyone finds me sexy enough to tribute?
4 posts omitted.
Sexy and hot! Fill that nice little pussy with some cum and share. I'll tribute that!
Perfect for a creampie. Show some ass girl!
Bad bitch. Would fuck her all night!

Anonymous 02/26/2023 (Sun) 09:54:52 No. 8716 [Reply]
My wife dyed her hair. Would you guys want to see more
19 posts and 5 images omitted.
Planning a threesome with one of my friends, her first one she’s nervous, but she agreed to send this and the titty pic to him yesterday
Skye Blue, on Zishy. 2-3 years old pics. Nice roleplaying though.
Switched her face with my exs sister haha nice spot tho
>>8826 Didn't spot anything, just fed the pics to imgops... didn't evne remember who this Skye Blue girl was Well at least thank you, for beinging another top-shelf cunt to my collection!

Fuck I wanna see you suck some sock
Definitely need to see your dick buried inside her
moar op!

(185.90 KB 2048x1536 received_639559550762990.jpeg)
(6.82 MB 4032x3024 20220927_162329.jpg)
Emo tatted wife Anonymous 09/29/2022 (Thu) 22:08:18 No. 5456 [Reply]
What yall think
14 posts and 7 images omitted.
(189.70 KB 1536x2048 received_1543277212858518.jpeg)
(135.61 KB 1536x2048 received_697393982032098.jpeg)
(162.06 KB 1536x2048 received_875990300411526.jpeg)
(242.07 KB 1536x2048 received_2344143329101934.jpeg)
(115.51 KB 2048x1536 received_1105413120134566.jpeg)
Anyone else
Hope your wife likes nipple play. I'd suck and bite those gorgeous nipples while slow thrusting deep inside her gradually picking up speed. Id switch between rough pounding and slow deep thrusts. Finally after she's cum 3 times I'd bust a nut inside her so deep it would be dripping out for weeks

What would would you do? My wife 12/14/2022 (Wed) 12:53:58 No. 7065 [Reply]
Honest opinion? My wife wants to know.
17 posts and 12 images omitted.
I’d rub my dick in between those tits. Let her stroke my cock with her mouth. Then I’d nibble on her nice delicious nipples.
What part and what would you guys do with it?
probably jerk jt till I bleed my dude your wife is stunning
Probably suck on her titties till they fall off

Rate Anonymous 01/30/2023 (Mon) 16:41:23 No. 8102 [Reply]
Friends wife on her wedding day
15 posts and 15 images omitted.

Oklahoma wifes Anonymous 01/01/2023 (Sun) 00:12:46 No. 7498 [Reply]
Where the oklahoma wifes at?!
2 posts and 1 image omitted.
What you wanna see? Anybody recognize?
Some sexy ass wifes from oklahoma! Videos!
Damn that's a nice ass!!

(3.30 MB 4032x3024 IMG_0155.jpeg)
(2.84 MB 4032x3024 IMG_0172.jpeg)
(236.27 KB 972x1296 IMG_4258.jpg)
(648.54 KB 1834x3027 unnamed-4.jpg)
(1.22 MB 3024x4032 unnamed-5.jpg)
Blonde Wife 32 yrs old Anonymous 02/15/2023 (Wed) 03:10:39 No. 8496 [Reply]
Honesty! What do you guys think?
12 posts and 12 images omitted.
Let’s see the booty hole
She is fucking hot I have jerked off to her a ton now keep posting new pics she is sexy
Very beautiful wife you have bro we are all jealous please share more
Bump for more

(54.72 KB 432x960 1940.jpeg)
(45.94 KB 432x960 1941.jpeg)
Anonymous 03/11/2023 (Sat) 17:36:36 No. 9140 [Reply]
Heres my wife
Heres more what do you think?
I thinks she's fine as hell! Let see more! Any videos?!

Anonymous 10/31/2022 (Mon) 17:48:57 No. 6038 [Reply]
Rate my slut wife
12 posts and 6 images omitted.
I'd cum deep in that pussy! You got any videos?!
>>6761 She wants you to fill her ass up with cum
damn shes sexy! Lets see more of that pussy!
>>8221 in her eyes bro

Because you post this manly looking, ugly, pancake tit bitch multiple times per day on multiple boards asking the same stupid fucking questions. She's fucking trash. No one wants to see the bitch anymore. Jesus christ man.
>>9164 this is 30th plus time this thing has been posted. no one wants to see this butterfaced flapjack tited swamp donkey shrek reject.
Seriously this one is hideous. What the fuck is wrong with her chin.. a big dent in it adding to her manly features. Those tits are so odd too, one looks flap like a pancake and the shape of the areola on her left tit is fucked up too. I hope she doesn’t boss you around while looking like that
Would still fill her with cum despite how ugly she is

Anonymous 03/12/2023 (Sun) 14:10:10 No. 9173 [Reply]
Where are the tn wife’s at

Anonymous 03/11/2023 (Sat) 16:21:33 No. 9139 [Reply]
Looking for one couple or person who wants to - pix of their wife with me.

(1.76 MB 1848x3237 20230308_184046.jpg)
Rateher 03/08/2023 (Wed) 17:41:40 No. 9046 [Reply]
Rate her cunt
Holy shit 10/10

(1019.87 KB 20220517_140438.mp4)
she likes dp anyone wanna threesome 12/13/2022 (Tue) 21:10:07 No. 7051 [Reply]
send pics
9 posts and 1 image omitted.
Show us some more. She’s got my dick hard af
(1.56 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20221106_111434420.jpg)
She is down where you at
(1.06 MB 2592x1944 IMG_20220817_184131.jpg)
You in Texas?
Let's see her suck some more cock

Anonymous 03/09/2023 (Thu) 01:49:44 No. 9054 [Reply]
Let’s see some more

(1.83 MB 823x1972 image_2023-03-05_225944910.png)
(609.93 KB 496x1049 image_2023-03-05_225958326.png)
rate my wife 03/05/2023 (Sun) 15:00:36 No. 8932 [Reply]
rate my wife
Love that ass - can we see how nice her nipples are?
Let's see her butthole
Let us see that pussy!

Anonymous 03/01/2023 (Wed) 01:28:34 No. 8804 [Reply]
What do you guys think?
I bet she’s got a beautiful face
not bad at all anon can she fight?

(412.42 KB 1080x690 TM pussy spread.jpg)
Anonymous 03/07/2023 (Tue) 16:37:26 No. 8999 [Reply]
Wife's Pussy ready
Spread it nicely

(283.28 KB 1080x741 Whore knows shes getting cock.jpg)
Anonymous 03/07/2023 (Tue) 14:36:14 No. 8995 [Reply]
Sexy an hell got any more of her

Anonymous 02/14/2023 (Tue) 01:14:14 No. 8431 [Reply]
Anybody want to see wins of my curvy wife?
11 posts and 6 images omitted.
Keep going!
Pardon the high beans
Let's see her pussy!
More please - her boobs are perfect and I’d love to see how she works that pu$$y
let’s see you fucking her!

Anonymous 03/01/2023 (Wed) 01:50:06 No. 8805 [Reply]
She’s freaky af and wants a gangbang. What would you guys do with her?
Damn she looks like she could use a good fuck, I love redheads.
My buddy's and I would fuck the shit out of her and make her out little whore we wanna see here suck some cock
bump more
Let's see her freaky side

Anon 03/06/2023 (Mon) 20:43:45 No. 8978 [Reply]
Where’s the local milfs of Knoxville, TN

Anonymous 03/06/2023 (Mon) 19:13:58 No. 8977 [Reply]

Anonymous 03/06/2023 (Mon) 18:08:50 No. 8974 [Reply]
What do you think?

(28.85 KB 640x1348 received_5288552814579763.jpeg)
(27.83 KB 640x1348 received_615510590413923.jpeg)
(121.45 KB 960x1920 received_530767482448585.jpeg)
(146.04 KB 960x1920 received_852217839323721.jpeg)
(230.53 KB 960x1920 received_6389037491111503.jpeg)
(121.04 KB 960x1920 received_850700092632379.jpeg)
Anonymous 03/05/2023 (Sun) 14:52:27 No. 8929 [Reply]
>>8929 I'm sorry
Now that's a dude
Well thats a dude

Anonymous 03/04/2023 (Sat) 07:40:46 No. 8902 [Reply]
Love her nice nipples post more please.

Anonymous 03/04/2023 (Sat) 19:25:50 No. 8905 [Reply]
Geee no new posts
Geee, Post something then, stupid fuck!
They delete them >>8905
I'll post set of 3 after this post, watch theyll delete them

Anonymous 03/04/2023 (Sat) 03:48:38 No. 8900 [Reply]
Come and have some fun dward­.­art

Anonymous 03/03/2023 (Fri) 19:33:01 No. 8889 [Reply]
I would fuck her wet pussy and lick it till she cums

Anonymous 02/24/2023 (Fri) 22:10:15 No. 8682 [Reply]
Would you fuck?
4 posts omitted.
All I have left
Fuck yes
>>8751 Keep them coming to keep me cumming
Get some videos!!

Anonymous 11/30/2022 (Wed) 22:54:05 No. 6757 [Reply]
What are your thoughts on my potential wife?
30 posts and 11 images omitted.
Fake asf
>>8385 Yes it was. His shit was barely bigger than mine. Told that nigger to leave
Bump for more of her
>>6757 pussy tight af
>>8868 Pussy is Not allowedly tight

Anonymous 03/02/2023 (Thu) 00:50:16 No. 8831 [Reply]

Anonymous 02/28/2023 (Tue) 15:37:17 No. 8781 [Reply]
Would u hit
1 post omitted.
More here
Lets see more
Buddy were trying to see her naked, her asshole, even some fucked up shit. Not these stank face videos, how the fuck we supposed to judge from this?
>>8811 get actual pussy

Lala 02/28/2023 (Tue) 04:46:43 No. 8772 [Reply]

(59.95 KB 444x960 FB_IMG_1665342006895.jpg)
(91.67 KB 720x960 FB_IMG_1665341998370.jpg)
Anonymous 10/09/2022 (Sun) 19:01:36 No. 5615 [Reply]
My old lady
16 posts and 5 images omitted.
Hell yeah if do her
I would stretch her out!!!
Let’s see some nudes or you plowing her out or can you not get it up anymore

Anonymous 02/26/2023 (Sun) 05:15:19 No. 8710 [Reply]
Anyone like my girl’s tits?
love them, any face? don’t be shy

(194.69 KB 2048x2048 received_2745236732288014.jpeg)
(204.56 KB 1080x1920 received_3212046952340421.jpeg)
Anonymous 02/05/2023 (Sun) 19:38:21 No. 8197 [Reply]
Rate my wife she's watching
3 posts omitted.
She's bi so show what u got
I just blew my load all over my stomach to this sexy lady her tits are perfect. I wish you had one with her leaning foward so her tits hang with her mouth open. Waiting for a load to tribut her.
Damn we should gangbang her!
Show her what u got

Do you want to fuck my wife? 01/22/2023 (Sun) 22:59:34 No. 7976 [Reply]
Tell me what you want to do with my girlfriend! Do you want me to fuck her? Or do you want to fuck her and let me watch? Tell me your fantasies. Maybe wanna - -? I have much more.
2 posts and 1 image omitted.
I'd fuck the hell outta her. Ass, pushy and mouth. I'd have her drooling and leaking from all holes. Hopefully, you'd wanna push up inside her at the same time and we can fuck her like she's never experienced before
Look at that hole. Let’s fill her up. Tell me your fantasies and I get you more from my wifey. I have a pretty good moaning vid of her.
Let's see her suck some cock like the naughty little slut she is
woould fuck the shit outa her and let you watch her getting creampied
nice pussy moar

Anonymous 02/23/2023 (Thu) 12:33:39 No. 8643 [Reply]
You like?
Yes! More please!

Anonymous 02/22/2023 (Wed) 02:18:25 No. 8618 [Reply]
What would you all do to my wife?
1 post omitted.
Lets see more of her!!!
Pawg creampie
Looks like a good slut
Looks like you stole someone’s pics from social media
Lol hot but not yours ;)

38y/o tight mom of 2 Anonymous 01/03/2023 (Tue) 01:52:47 No. 7527 [Reply]
You like her tight holes? 😎
1 post and 1 image omitted.
Let's see some more of her.
Her nice soft boobies - you like?
>>8334 They are perfect! I’d love to cum all over her!!
What happened to the other post of her? There were pics and vids and her face? You deleted it? I guess cause her name was there too?

Scranton Rosemarie Simonson 01/26/2023 (Thu) 07:49:19 No. 8041 [Reply]
Would you cum in me?
>>8041 Yeah I would
Yea. In every hole
Bump. More.

(89.00 KB 1024x644 12022022150945.jpg)
Anonymous 12/03/2022 (Sat) 03:19:04 No. 6809 [Reply]
9 or 10
Don't ruin Vida like that.
(91.94 KB 458x668 12022022174315.jpg)
(114.91 KB 580x832 07072022201515.jpg)
still hot after 10 years!
You might be one of the worst photoshops I've ever seen.. plus she's got a dog face
>>6809 >>6811 Get this fake shit out of here.

(940.80 KB 3184x1224 7846474756757.jpg)
Anonymous 11/16/2022 (Wed) 00:51:33 No. 6406 [Reply]
rate and tribute please
1 post omitted.
(337.87 KB 884x1074 57575756757.jpg)
>>6433 hope you enjoy this one
I wanna see her getting railed
so fucking hot more
fucking hot !

Anon 02/13/2023 (Mon) 04:23:06 No. 8397 [Reply]
I'd fuck her with a 10' pole
What do yall think?!
Yall like?!
Very nice tits!

(158.56 KB 1560x3280 received_535170107622395.jpeg)
Rate her Anonymous 01/23/2023 (Mon) 19:55:49 No. 8000 [Reply]
Be honest.
9 posts omitted.
(26.19 KB 630x840 received_1580774642294419.jpeg)
What would you do?
I'd love to play with her
Shove my bbc in all her holes
God damn I wanna cum for her so badly. Wish I could see her on cam while I stroke for her.
>>8297 would love to make that throat bulge

Anonymous 02/14/2023 (Tue) 13:39:17 No. 8469 [Reply]
Friends wife…..what u think??
She looks great. I would fuck her nice and hard. Hope you can post some nudes of her.
ayy let's see n0h3mi's tits
Hope he's not that good a friend, you should do everything you can to get in that pussy

Anonymous 02/11/2023 (Sat) 03:27:23 No. 8323 [Reply]
Would you guys fuck my girlfriend? She loves older guys
I would
Id Destroy her on the regular
Does a bear shit in the woods
I’d fuck her for hours Post more!

Anonymous 02/16/2023 (Thu) 07:20:00 No. 8527 [Reply]
Can anyone tell me why I’m getting this message when I try to upload a video “A file had a format that is not allowed by the server”

(48.08 KB 967x1920 received_1087915231723355.jpeg)
Rate her 02/07/2023 (Tue) 18:30:56 No. 8246 [Reply]
Cum on her for me
Show me more of her!! I love those tits! I'd suck on them while I fucked her wet creamy pussy!
Send me a private photo and I'll tribute it for you

Wife Brittany wife 12/28/2022 (Wed) 23:32:16 No. 7343 [Reply]
Would you like to see more of her?
12 posts and 1 image omitted.
OP ever coming back
Any update
Bump bro come back, show us your wife's pussy
>>8380 He dont have anything. Never did. Its just some random girl he wishes he had and jacks off to. Thats all
This true?

(374.91 KB 1536x2048 received_606844767360204.jpeg)
bikini lena 10/17/2022 (Mon) 05:37:41 No. 5797 [Reply]
how do I look in my bikini?
13 posts and 1 image omitted.
Show us more of that body!
OMG More!
>>5806 So fucking hot!

My 27yr old wife 02/13/2023 (Mon) 04:06:36 No. 8395 [Reply]
Why does it keep taking down my post?
2 posts omitted.
Idk I just got mine to post
Where at?!
Fucking wifey, That's my post on rmw
Mine won't stay up either
Try posting them on this thread!

(23.54 KB 510x680 74900020.jpg)
30yo PA wife Anonymous 12/28/2022 (Wed) 07:28:53 No. 7311 [Reply]
don't hold back gents
5 posts and 2 images omitted.
Can I fuck her
next in line
I would love to blow my load in her.
I’ll - you wives for a night. I would love to fuck yours
Lets see her pussy!

rate my wife 02/08/2023 (Wed) 20:58:43 No. 8269 [Reply]
wanna see?
2 posts omitted.
Lets see!!!
what do you guys think of her? want more?
Definitely more she is hot
She's hot send us more!
Would love to see some of that pussy

Anonymous 02/11/2023 (Sat) 18:18:43 No. 8345 [Reply]
I would rather do you for real! Like! Send some more of that nice and tight pussy

Anonymous 02/11/2023 (Sat) 13:39:19 No. 8335 [Reply]
Mmmmm, nice ass, let's see some front...

Hotwife 12/28/2022 (Wed) 12:03:10 No. 7314 [Reply]
Who wants more?
7 posts and 1 image omitted.
I’d love to give that a go
Can we get the wife’s sc?
>>7314 8/10. Would gangland
God damn that pussy looks amazing!! Show us a masturbation video and a video of her getting plowed!!

what you think? I have more 01/14/2023 (Sat) 14:54:48 No. 7841 [Reply]
She has that golden pussy
3 posts and 8 images omitted.
Pulling hair
So nice and wet
Fuck yea let’s see more
Lets see that pretty face so i can cum on it!!

(1020.83 KB 20220601_213303.mp4)
hope you like more of angela 12/12/2022 (Mon) 21:30:15 No. 7004 [Reply]
let me know what you think
Me and my wife like it
This is so hot! Show us more!!

Anonymous 02/07/2023 (Tue) 05:20:08 No. 8226 [Reply]
My wife
Lets see more that pussy looks perfect!!
If you look through the thread there’s a few of her ass and riding me backwards 😉 The more engagement the more I’ll post. Pussy, tits,anal, videos fucking, “creeps” waking her up sleeping to fuck etc.
God damn this picture is so hot it makes me hard!! Lets see more of your sexy ass wife!!

(258.13 KB 2048x1536 received_862054407989481.jpeg)
My Euro Wife Anonymous 12/13/2022 (Tue) 09:27:31 No. 7037 [Reply]
Sharing lewds and nudes of my wife. She likes to tease and is really high maintenance. Recently she kissed a girl for the first time and I walked in on it. Sje said she did this because i wouldnt kiss her at the club so she wanted to make me jealous. The girl was someone who worked for me and I had the most raging boner after it. I acted like it was nothing but I secretly loved it. I want to experience this again and hear how you all will put me in such situations if you were with her. The more you share, the more lewd and rewarding surprises I will leave in this thread
38 posts and 23 images omitted.
(1.79 MB 4000x2252 20221231_001244.jpg)
Since you asked! This one is fairly new. She was looking so fucking hott I had to save this one 🤤 please rate and let me know the dirty things she deserves. I'll post a video of her playing with her pussy if I get enough engagement
(4.90 MB 4480x3448 _A8A0476.jpg)
Wife and I wanted to have fun, so we did a sexy photo shoot 🫠 tell me everything you'd do to her ass hole and I'll drop some more sexy pics
>>8254 Throw in this one and have some fun
I just bought a beautiful glass plug that id love to see stretch that ass hole out.

@ndree@ 02/05/2023 (Sun) 04:40:53 No. 8188 [Reply]
What do you guys think?
Anyone in the Charlotte area?

(1.82 MB 2268x4032 PXL_20230129_025124369.jpg)
The wife 02/07/2023 (Tue) 09:51:19 No. 8227 [Reply]
Rate that ass
She has an amazing ass! 9/10

who is next? susan fucked 12/26/2022 (Mon) 05:30:41 No. 7247 [Reply]
susan loves cock
2 posts and 2 images omitted.
I’ll give her this dick if she up for it

Anonymous 01/31/2023 (Tue) 18:18:31 No. 8130 [Reply]
She's hot. Need more
She knows how to work it

(70.73 KB 315x855 plkwsukdfg.jpg)
wife Anonymous 12/30/2022 (Fri) 00:50:28 No. 7434 [Reply]
still 23
Got more please
>>7434 Let's see those nudes!
Let's see her nudes
Mmm nice!

Anonymous 01/15/2023 (Sun) 22:53:40 No. 7864 [Reply]
Let me know what you'd do.
She would be coming home with your supper in her pussy
she does like to feel cum fill her up
Location You gunna watch?
I would face fuck her while squeezing her tits.

(151.04 KB 750x1334 IMG_1107.jpg)
(313.83 KB 3456x3456 gxp12.jpg)
(54.06 KB 662x1280 IMG_0040.JPG)
the gf anonymous 01/31/2023 (Tue) 04:11:11 No. 8118 [Reply]
We've been together since 2016, pretty cool bbw chick. it's impossible to NOT have fun dumping loads in her. What do you think?
So fucking sexy! I would cum in every hole..I bet that pretty pussy feels so warm and tight.
Id fill all her holes with cum! Shes sexy as hell
Let's see a load in her

wife 12/30/2022 (Fri) 13:35:24 No. 7452 [Reply]
Who wants more? Never shared her pics
7 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>7478 I definitely would!
>>7481 We are looking for an older couple to join us the first time ever
She's amazing I love this ur one lucky guy
Yes more please... She's lovely.
Come back, please!

Daniel 02/03/2023 (Fri) 05:32:20 No. 8164 [Reply]
Trading wife on s n a p @danielw0012
Didn't show up in search

Anonymous 01/25/2023 (Wed) 05:15:48 No. 8022 [Reply]
Chubby wife what y’all think
4 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>8029 she's got great tits, anon. you have a full body shot or some feet or bent over or anything like that?
How bout these
>>8048 very nice anon very nice
What y’all think
She is sexy as fuck. Love her curvy body. I would pound her hard. Nice full tits and sweet ass you can't ask for more.

(1.88 MB 4000x1868 20211228_145431.jpg)
Rate my wife Anonymous 12/20/2022 (Tue) 12:24:03 No. 7152 [Reply]
Rate her
Not a lot to go off? Maybe post some better stuff buddy
tf is there to rate bro?

Bent over and ready Anonymous 10/22/2022 (Sat) 15:33:10 No. 5877 [Reply]
Too nice. What you think?
40 posts and 15 images omitted.
How does she smell?
>>7924 oh dude she's amazing
More please

Anonymous 01/26/2023 (Thu) 11:54:57 No. 8044 [Reply]
My wife. What y’all think
I love busting so hard in this ass.

(1.49 MB 1859x3170 20220319_154916.jpg)
Anonymous 01/20/2023 (Fri) 17:57:40 No. 7938 [Reply]
I'd love to see someone fuck my wife.
1 post omitted.
(292.80 KB 1012x2098 Screenshot_20220926-082942_MEGA.jpg)
(720.07 KB 1868x3140 20220319_154918.jpg)
Id fuck her any which way you’d like.
I got next.

(147.81 KB 634x1280 77280.jpeg)
716 01/27/2023 (Fri) 03:52:29 No. 8051 [Reply]
What would you do?
Send her to weight watchers
(1.04 MB 2223x3067 1031221446.jpg)

(7.60 MB 2448x1836 ass f.png)
After Fucking Anonymous 01/31/2023 (Tue) 00:35:22 No. 8110 [Reply]
How did I do?

(193.49 KB 1134x2108 Snapchat-367473865.jpg)
Sexychickenbabe 01/30/2023 (Mon) 19:24:09 No. 8106 [Reply]
Great free onlyfans page

(322.04 KB 368x1262 Screenshot_20221224-140826~4.png)
(437.54 KB 720x1440 Screenshot_20221224-140446.png)
Anonymous 12/24/2022 (Sat) 19:19:37 No. 7215 [Reply]
NY mom and daughter got wins on both what would you do with these two
42 posts and 40 images omitted.
(546.19 KB 1109x567 Screenshot_20230111-142043~4.png)
The mom's fat ass tho fuck she is hot isn't she?
Good job nerd.
(972.88 KB 720x1440 Screenshot_20230115-204550.png)
(844.01 KB 720x1440 Screenshot_20230115-204737.png)
(133.33 KB 720x1263 Snapchat-1197278045~2.jpg)
Not fake at all here had access to both phones
Oh shit that is the mom you can tell by her legs I'd fucking kill that
(990.08 KB 635x1129 Screenshot_20230127-194800~2.png)

Friends wife Con 12/27/2022 (Tue) 01:12:12 No. 7265 [Reply]
My friends fat wife, what you all think
You got any of her pussy bet it’s loose
Got anymore of the fatty?

(714.15 KB 3264x1305 cfwives.com_163123_2d14563a6036.jpeg)
expo risk full risk 12/30/2022 (Fri) 22:22:15 No. 7468 [Reply]
Reup, she's a big fucking slut.
dont put too much out there
I wouldn’t mind fucking that slut if she wants this dick

Anonymous 01/23/2023 (Mon) 10:47:13 No. 7985 [Reply]
Wife interested in trying bigger cock, what do you guys think?
Location? More pics please very sexy. Would love to see bent over.
Bent over an pic of her face

rate and what you’d do? my wife 01/25/2023 (Wed) 14:20:59 No. 8027 [Reply]
date and what you’d do to her either or. who wants more?

(91.97 KB 828x1104 received_830705218222237.jpeg)
(61.03 KB 828x1104 received_1986080131579464.jpeg)
(75.27 KB 828x1104 received_286360099687668.jpeg)
(26.00 KB 600x800 received_1000207224229612.jpeg)
Anonymous 01/24/2023 (Tue) 06:48:42 No. 8008 [Reply]
What would you do to my wife?
Would burry my dick deep in her. Interested in pics of my gf?
More please

Anonymous 01/24/2023 (Tue) 13:17:21 No. 8010 [Reply]
Rate my shy gf
>>8010 >gf this is /rmw/ which quite literally means rate my wife. as such, clearly you've mispelled wife terribly. 5/10 based on the one view
Hot as fuck post some more

(677.86 KB 931x621 IMG_20221213_182218.jpg)
(790.29 KB 1024x768 IMG_20221214_043757.jpg)
(1.13 MB 1354x1016 IMG_20221214_042755.jpg)
(1.10 MB 1024x1365 IMG_20221214_043406.jpg)
(1.29 MB 1024x1365 IMG_20221214_042449.jpg)
(1.32 MB 1024x1365 IMG_20221214_042519.jpg)
do you like my slutty wife? 01/23/2023 (Mon) 15:10:46 No. 7993 [Reply]
Tell me what would you do to her
I would love to fill your wife up

wife 01/18/2023 (Wed) 06:53:43 No. 7892 [Reply]
2 posts and 5 images omitted.
thoughts ?
i’ll try to get her to send me a picture or video of her bending over with her ass out. she’s usually pretty submissive
anyone save her pics yet?
She’s sexy as fuck, keep ‘‘em coming!
>>7892 she's sharp op moar

10 years together Anastasia 12/26/2022 (Mon) 05:19:57 No. 7246 [Reply]
Who wants more?
hell ya
I guess the OP chickened out…

(153.12 KB 1080x1675 orca-image--625607199.jpg)
Anonymous 01/20/2023 (Fri) 04:44:07 No. 7930 [Reply]
surpriseDDD in the shower
Let’s see more of her. She’s hot.
(271.10 KB 1370x1461 20180323_204024~2.jpg)
Is this shirt too low cut??
Share more.
>>7935 Where did ya go, dude? Run out of nerve sharing? Too bad.

Anonymous 01/23/2023 (Mon) 13:17:21 No. 7987 [Reply]
Anyone near Middletown CT?

(185.39 KB 862x1150 5ab87df1776f64802.jpg)
Rate my wife please Thedutchguy 01/21/2023 (Sat) 18:16:57 No. 7953 [Reply]
curious what u guys think..-e is shared and i am a cuckold
She is sexy. I would enjoy putting a load in her. More please.
(219.18 KB 863x1150 5ac6cae33f7483061.jpg)
Let’s see more
I want those legs up in the air and I want to watch those tits shake with each thrust I give her.

(549.60 KB 2912x1689 20220805_045838.jpg)
Anonymous 01/22/2023 (Sun) 09:27:07 No. 7962 [Reply]
Wife wants two strangers hard cocks to DP and creampie her, who wants to fill her up?
Where you located?
Hot!! Post more

Anonymous 01/22/2023 (Sun) 11:05:40 No. 7965 [Reply]
Wife. What y’all think?
Anymore? Bc holy fuck
F u j@con schwartz this isn’t me your wife!
Tons more
What? Wrong thread lady

(52.47 KB 851x747 ess1488231281565.jpg)
(121.90 KB 1296x972 ess1452550074033.jpg)
(38.19 KB 486x385 20170729_094921.jpg)
(95.21 KB 747x996 ess1488231239688.jpg)
(33.04 KB 486x648 ess1501170388600.jpg)
Thoughts Thoughts 01/21/2023 (Sat) 21:05:00 No. 7957 [Reply]

Anonymous 01/15/2023 (Sun) 16:19:17 No. 7862 [Reply]
Friends wife - she’s a sexy Connecticut slam pig with a big bitchy attitude
Well that Slam pig is fucking hot!!!. You have any more?
God damn she looks like a good fuck. I know she is your friends girl but I would try to fuck that.
full n@m3? i'll get them
What is the name of this bitch

Anonymous 01/10/2023 (Tue) 02:17:05 No. 7762 [Reply]
Who wants to see more??
Send it
Hell yes.
>>7762 op dropped off the planet

(2.86 MB 1378x4032 20180713_161246~2.png)
Anonymous 01/20/2023 (Fri) 04:21:32 No. 7929 [Reply]
Pop goes the nipple

Thoughts on my hot young wife? 01/18/2023 (Wed) 16:15:02 No. 7896 [Reply]
I have tons of pics and videos of her sucking, fucking, getting fisted and taking her 11 inch bbc dildo if anyone's interested too 😉
3 posts and 4 images omitted.
oh my!!! those are already amazing. love see more doggy if possible
(12.91 MB 2q1y7Gpi_720p.mp4)
(11.25 MB macFPsmJ_720p.mp4)
(14.04 MB kXAwJhYz_720p.mp4)
(14.29 MB 3e9pGSAm_720p.mp4)
>>7902 Here you go
thanks SO much! These are perfect!
Videos of her riding
She need 2 dicks in her

(7.86 MB XTQvDpWG_720p.mp4)
Anonymous 01/18/2023 (Wed) 16:26:36 No. 7901 [Reply]

My 51 year old wife David 01/14/2023 (Sat) 11:43:09 No. 7838 [Reply]
My 51 year old wife been wanting attention for a while doesn’t feel sexy anymore and wants to be shown off and posted online
She’s fucking sexy. Love to see more of her beautiful body.
I would be happy to give her attention. A nice looking ass some suckable nipples, yes please I want more of her sexy body.
She loved the two comments and we have since posted else were online with more success. She’s very wet and wants everyone to share her pics on other sites. This is link to where we posted the same pics with great success she’s starting to feel more sexy :) Pls share her and share link so we can see :) http://www.truthordarepics-/exhibitionists/suzie/

Anonymous 01/17/2023 (Tue) 19:19:08 No. 7882 [Reply]
38 mother of two . Let me know what you think..
I think that I would like to see more of her
Definitely more

(15.55 KB 254x450 372_450 - Copy.jpg)
Wifey Wifey 01/17/2023 (Tue) 15:48:43 No. 7881 [Reply]
Older pic of wifey
>>7881 she looks great in red, any more??

want to see her ass spread? ex engaged 01/16/2023 (Mon) 17:44:45 No. 7875 [Reply]
pussy and tight ass up and out in the air. give her a rate or what you would do to her
Wow she has a sexy body
her spreading

(18.18 MB 404x720 IMG_6545.gif)
(21.55 MB 404x720 IMG_6246.gif)
Anonymous 11/11/2022 (Fri) 17:33:49 No. 6348 [Reply]
What you guys think?
Show us moreeee!!!!

What do you guys think 11/25/2022 (Fri) 08:09:14 No. 6605 [Reply]
What do ya wanna do
38 posts and 3 images omitted.
Fucked her a long time ago always loves getting her ass played with and she loved being controlled and told what to do used to have some wins of her playing with herself
Let’s hear more on this slut wife
One day she’s a slut wife, the next day my son’s teacher, the next day my daughter’s dance instructor. Make of your mind
>>7833 Show her some dick ask her to suck a ride it that simple for me years ago so hopefully you'll be smart enough to save wins unlike me
Thanks for the reverse search to the gallery. Shame the tits aren't the blonde, she is a smoke show.

Anonymous 01/14/2023 (Sat) 22:39:52 No. 7849 [Reply]
What u think of her?
I’d love to make a mess all over her mouth and tits for sure
She looks like a great fuck…-e wears thongs and boy shorts…40d tits

(184.00 KB 1080x1920 import_1544951046634_7233.jpg)
(124.00 KB 1080x1920 import_1544951046649_7228.jpg)
My wife Noone 01/14/2023 (Sat) 08:24:02 No. 7836 [Reply]
Love it
(83.35 KB 640x1342 Snapchat-997599068.jpg)

I would disagree lol @kittensnkream 01/13/2023 (Fri) 05:21:08 No. 7827 [Reply]
You can call her Karen with her “cunt” haircut

(2.48 MB 4032x2268 PXL_20211018_031611095.jpg)
Anonymous 01/12/2023 (Thu) 22:11:17 No. 7824 [Reply]

716 Slut Anonymous 01/10/2023 (Tue) 02:26:48 No. 7764 [Reply]
716 Slut
Where in 716? I'm in Cheektowaga

(2.49 MB 1177x1996 IMG_66BB12D6C49A-1.jpeg)
(3.11 MB 1536x2048 IMG_F2EB48921EC0-1.jpeg)
(2.73 MB 2048x1536 IMG_41C5C1C98046-1.jpeg)
What you guys think Anonymous 01/07/2023 (Sat) 22:52:00 No. 7689 [Reply]
Share some in another thread but it got boring. Hoping you guys are more interested.
1 post omitted.
>>7690 Maybe. Her husband doesn't satisfy her so she comes to me. So she is not my wife but a really really good time.
(3.08 MB 1536x2048 IMG_B327212B1224-1.jpeg)
(2.23 MB 974x2016 IMG_E505B773EBF0-1.jpeg)
This ass needs to be drilled.
What her face an upper body look like
(7.34 MB 2854x1774 bath .png)
Upper body like this

(349.48 KB 468x932 0454EFD.jpg)
wife my wife 10/14/2022 (Fri) 01:07:25 No. 5749 [Reply]
my wife
19 posts omitted.
Let’s get some without that dress on
Let's see those fat titties.
It's probably not even his wife. Probably just some dude that has a crush on her. I doubt very much he even has nudes.

my wife Anonymous 01/09/2023 (Mon) 00:02:54 No. 7733 [Reply]
what would you do
I’d love to fuck your old lady
bump & i’ll post more. degrade her & me on what you’d do

Anonymous 01/10/2023 (Tue) 02:24:44 No. 7763 [Reply]
What do you think of her ass?

(1.29 MB 2045x3123 20221216_202412.jpg)
Anonymous 01/09/2023 (Mon) 14:45:20 No. 7745 [Reply]
Rate my wife
Bro, gotta see more of her. She's amazing.
She’s got, dude. We need more of her!
Just because she got deleted doesn't mean we don't still have the pic.

(1.34 MB 1920x1920 InShot_20211113_204729384.jpg)
Seexy teen wife Fucking my wife 01/03/2023 (Tue) 21:32:02 No. 7538 [Reply]
What do you guys think of my wife
(155.12 KB 1080x1920 IMG_20211113_141946_862.jpg)
God damn that pussy is a whole meal. I need more of her 🤤
Love that position. I cum all over my wife just like that. She’s a bit thicker in the ass though.
I love that position. I cum on my wife just like that. She’s a bit thicker in the ass though.

Whos tits 01/09/2023 (Mon) 09:38:28 No. 7738 [Reply]

Let’s see some Indiana wives? 01/08/2023 (Sun) 14:08:27 No. 7710 [Reply]
Married indiana women. Your wife or cheating with you. Show the ladies

My wife Random 01/08/2023 (Sun) 03:44:00 No. 7693 [Reply]
Yes or no?

Anonymous 01/03/2023 (Tue) 04:46:15 No. 7528 [Reply]
Bump more of her

50 y.o. Wife Anonymous 01/03/2023 (Tue) 22:41:48 No. 7542 [Reply]
Rate her
He’ll yes! Let’s see more of her!
Tou have got to post more of her. Damn hot.

Apple doesn’t fall from the tree Anonymous 01/04/2023 (Wed) 13:14:43 No. 7545 [Reply]
She definitely got those tits from her mommy

(151.06 KB 990x2208 Snapchat-1453064655.jpg)
Anonymous 12/27/2022 (Tue) 12:25:47 No. 7268 [Reply]
Looking to - my sexy milf
22 posts and 6 images omitted.
>>7449 I tried 🤷🏼‍♂️
>>7462 No , you started acting shady ..
(88.20 KB 828x1104 Snapchat-1743775875.jpg)
>>7479 Nah, I just can’t sh@re when the wife is around… plus I’ve got a job, lol.
>>7526 I’ll be glad to go again. You know how.

Yummy little meat curtains
Show us more of her pretty pussy!
Her name isn't Nancy. Her name is Mayu and she is a photographer from Uraguay.
>>7518 Freakn larper

(166.23 KB 480x640 1469071731810.jpg)
Hot Kyblue 01/01/2023 (Sun) 10:44:47 No. 7509 [Reply]
My hot wife
Shes got a fire body! Show some more!
Damn I need to see more of her please 🤤

(62.75 KB 728x1334 Snapchat-41367637.jpg)
(56.50 KB 751x1335 Snapchat-632207143.jpg)
(43.06 KB 728x1334 Snapchat-1474876900.jpg)
(34.83 KB 1206x812 Snapchat-2035979656.jpg)
Anonymous 08/16/2022 (Tue) 19:51:51 No. 4692 [Reply]
What do you guys think?
33 posts and 21 images omitted.
>>7127 Watcha wanna see?
Everything you got 🤤 especially of her being slutty
do you guys/she have any socials? twitter? reddit? onlyfans? would love to follow if you do!
(65.00 KB 750x1334 Snapchat-1768447033.jpg)
(80.05 KB 732x1334 Snapchat-134135551.jpg)
(63.68 KB 750x1334 Snapchat-383424288.jpg)
(75.66 KB 750x1334 Snapchat-1119464127.jpg)
(39.49 KB 750x423 Snapchat-1075656902.jpg)
(88.25 KB 751x1334 Snapchat-719570428.jpg)
>>>>7402 Negative on socials. Insta but not like this. Have to exchange that privately.

(88.09 KB 750x1000 5004.jpeg)
(8.88 MB 189x336 53.gif)
RATE MY WIFE 10/10/2022 (Mon) 02:03:25 No. 5643 [Reply]
Shes a 10! Show me how pretty her pussy is?!
good lord please post something of her getting fucked. I need more of her

Cheating wife Anonymous 10/22/2022 (Sat) 11:36:04 No. 5874 [Reply]
Nasty cheating wife. Degrade her, cum on her, do whatever you like
Can I get her sc?
Let me see more of her!

My wife Anonymous 12/30/2022 (Fri) 07:23:38 No. 7445 [Reply]
26 yrs old. Feel like I did good lol
Oh you did great! Show us more!

Anonymous 11/30/2022 (Wed) 14:22:55 No. 6747 [Reply]
My 26 year old wife’s pussy. Would you tap that?
Very hot. Show us her ass....
It's 2022 shave that shit
(62.99 KB 1072x804 mms95pictu.jpg)
Bruh I worked that pussy hard

Trade Tenn 12/31/2022 (Sat) 13:33:51 No. 7494 [Reply]
Trading pics of the wife
I have tons
>>7494 How's she look all dolled up?

Anonymous 12/23/2022 (Fri) 16:39:16 No. 7199 [Reply]
How’s this view?
Gross. Looks like Chewbacca fucking an Ewok
That is fucking disgusting
I would suck that dick and double team that pussy till she’s filled with cum

Anonymous 12/29/2022 (Thu) 18:15:30 No. 7416 [Reply]
ugh i’d cum all over those tits. m--ore
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DTF?? B.Lars23 12/29/2022 (Thu) 10:50:18 No. 7405 [Reply]
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FAP worthy? Anonymous 12/28/2022 (Wed) 18:28:29 No. 7323 [Reply]
Pass ???
Definitely. Shes sexy as hell. I would love to see more of her fit body. Of course a pretty face would seal the deal. Please share more.

(122.80 KB 1080x1920 received_551242009355462.jpeg)
1 to 10 Anonymous 12/28/2022 (Wed) 16:43:21 No. 7321 [Reply]
I'd give them a 6.7 A full body shot might result in an overall higher score. The boobs from this view seem to be relying heavily on her carrying excess weight as you can tell by the way they sort of hinge off her chest and then bubble out. Her weight gain has resulted in the areolas being stretched out of round. The nipples would certainly be hotter up higher on the tits. I'm sure they are fun to play with. I'd like to see how they look when her nipples get hard. If her full figure includes a round firm ass and nice legs, the boob rating might go up. Add a cute face and she might be an 8+ overall.

Blonde Blonde 12/28/2022 (Wed) 01:23:27 No. 7303 [Reply]
Where the blonde go?

anon 11/08/2022 (Tue) 22:01:21 No. 6252 [Reply]
rate my gf, 23 yo
3 posts omitted.
Nice meat Curtains I’d smash
Good lord I love that bent over view. I wanna eat her out from the back then fuck her doggy style. I wanna see what else she can do
sexy lets see more
Absolute dime if you ask me!
is that her in creepshots?

(48.26 KB 720x720 FB_IMG_1653627445892.jpg)
Anonymous 08/03/2022 (Wed) 14:44:13 No. 4401 [Reply]
Anyone interested?
45 posts and 11 images omitted.
BBC dildo
More man!!!
I'd love to help gangland her.

(146.69 KB 899x1599 kik (5).jpg)
Anonymous 12/27/2022 (Tue) 16:19:30 No. 7274 [Reply]

(243.70 KB 2208x2944 received_1221895531511991.jpg)
(657.61 KB 1104x1472 image-2021-03-17-10-55-02.jpg)
(587.89 KB 3024x4032 received_781205366064890.jpg)
(3.16 MB 4160x3120 IMG_20220616_092914401.jpg)
(3.36 MB 4160x3120 IMG_20220524_084202102.jpg)
Wifey Wifey 12/25/2022 (Sun) 19:59:58 No. 7236 [Reply]
2 posts and 12 images omitted.
>>7237 would definitely fuck her
(97.60 KB 2048x1536 received_3340780746242702.jpeg)
(2.20 MB 4032x2268 20201202_223843.jpg)
(2.16 MB 4160x3120 IMG_20220702_033940227.jpg)
(2.73 MB 4160x3120 IMG_20220816_172817366.jpg)
(2.57 MB 4160x3120 IMG_20220818_162044357_HDR.jpg)
(42.70 KB 756x1008 IMG_20220701_001757.jpg)
(103.45 KB 756x1008 IMG_20220815_161958.jpg)
(100.08 KB 756x1008 IMG_20210828_214151.jpg)
(3.78 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20220208_022847750.jpg)
(4.17 MB 4000x3000 IMG_20210923_005302799.jpg)
>>7239 She's got a tight pussy too
outstanding very sexy

Foosball pussy Anonymous 12/11/2022 (Sun) 13:45:55 No. 6973 [Reply]
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Bump. That's sexy af.
Thank god the pics are blurry. We might be able to see this nasty old skank even better. Sick
One horny chick must love to get fucked. Love a horny nymphomaniac
I want to slap that big ass, shove my cock in it and come all over it.

(209.01 KB 1152x2048 IMG_0966.jpg)
(207.53 KB 646x1364 IMG_1786.jpg)
Flamilf 10/01/2022 (Sat) 23:42:37 No. 5508 [Reply]
Whaddya wanna do?
12 posts and 2 images omitted.
Ugly AF
Bro go tf away lol you comment on every single post bashing. Just go away at this point if you hate everything posted👋🏻🤙🏼
Definitely ugly AF and there's more than one person saying these comments you fuckin moron
I would cum in her ass then facefuck her.
You and me both my man

WWYD? 09/15/2022 (Thu) 23:57:08 No. 5243 [Reply]
What would you do to my wife
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I wouldn’t mind seeing that for real she can take some good dicks and won’t be tired for real
How many has she taken before?
She never been double penetrated but I fuck her at least 5 or 6 rounds and she still want to fuck she love to be chocked not sure if that question
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(172.92 KB 1080x2010 Snapchat-281061832.jpg)
Hotwife Jamie Kip 11/02/2022 (Wed) 08:49:55 No. 6063 [Reply]
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My wife brianna 12/08/2022 (Thu) 10:03:52 No. 6911 [Reply]
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Yeah she is so sexy
Absolutely, keep it coming! She looks great!
Post ALL of the pics. Lol. She's sexy!

Cute wife 12/22/2022 (Thu) 14:49:21 No. 7182 [Reply]
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I love them 😍 now lets see the ass!
Can we get yours or your wife’s sc?

(71.75 KB 1080x1440 FB_IMG_1669656741660.jpg)
Anonymous 11/28/2022 (Mon) 17:36:12 No. 6700 [Reply]
She’s hot. Show us more.
Great tits
More like pass her around shes sexy af

Sarah, 22, Rate my Girl Anonymous 12/19/2022 (Mon) 22:24:56 No. 7143 [Reply]
how do you find her?

angela wanna see more 12/02/2022 (Fri) 22:02:52 No. 6796 [Reply]
who wants more
4 posts omitted.
Please more or at least a full video 🙏🏻
She looks right! Lets see more
hope you boys like this one.
I love the background noose in that last video 😂 i hope it her man and she’s Sending this to someone else while hes unaware
I would totally DP your wife with you or my black friends

716 Wife Anonymous 12/06/2022 (Tue) 04:14:44 No. 6860 [Reply]
1 post omitted.
Def more.
Beautiful lets see more
Nope not good thoughts, nice try
I think she's sexy as hell and wanna see more!

Anonymous 12/18/2022 (Sun) 16:43:13 No. 7121 [Reply]
Rate my wife's pussy and ass. would you fuck her?
>>7121 yeah with a bic razor
I like the hair :P armpits too. I would definitely fuck her but i would eat her pussy and asshole for a while first. looks yummy :)

Know her? Anonymous 12/18/2022 (Sun) 16:54:02 No. 7123 [Reply]
Know her? Western NY

Wife Anon 12/16/2022 (Fri) 00:26:51 No. 7097 [Reply]
Her ass and Pussy is delicious.
It looks deicious! Lets see more!

Mix Anon 12/14/2022 (Wed) 15:09:48 No. 7070 [Reply]
What would y’all do
Buy her a membership to the local gym. That's what you should do
Now that looks like a very very fun weekend
Very much

(85.19 KB 1080x1440 FB_IMG_1574536197337.jpg)
Anonymous 12/15/2022 (Thu) 19:14:36 No. 7087 [Reply]
What do you think of my wife's ass?
Where is it?
^ agreed

(45.08 KB 640x480 krit parisien.jpg)
Know her? Anonymous 12/12/2022 (Mon) 08:30:10 No. 6985 [Reply]
Names kristy?

Side chick Jamal 12/12/2022 (Mon) 16:55:09 No. 6997 [Reply]
What y’all think of my side girl tell me what y’all would do
2 posts omitted.
Her asshole looks like it was made for milking cock
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