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Lehigh valley Anonymous 06/06/2022 (Mon) 06:42:20 No. 22674
Lets get the lehigh valley rolling again since it went down for some reason.
We'll start off with kareena w.
Anything on vickie k, krysta k, and christina b?
Nothing for here anymore then?
Bump for NL
Bridget churley who has em?
>>22711 Please include picture with request people.
Any wins from Northwestern Lehigh SD?
Strippers???? Onlyfans????
Who has tianna r?
>>22723 newer class or older?
Briana Schw0y3r. Some older and newer ones
Felicia h@wn from Easton?
Anyone got anything on Ang3l B@tt@gli@ Was a cute little bitch who lived around Tuscarora but moved I think
Anything on miss kunkle here? Would love to see her stuff. Wondering if them big titties are as nice without a bra on.
>>22776 Include a pic with your requests please. Helps to see who people are looking for.
Libby joseph? Used to live in Nazareth
Anything on miss shari b here? Know shes sent out to alot of giys. Someones gotta have something on her. Plus i heard shes a homie hopper too
>>22749 Looking for class of 17 and 18
From her of, let’s see some class of 17
>>22840 have newer
Looking for wins of her
Heard she has a bunch out there
Bump for shari
Anyone got S@rah P or Mel@nie P from parkland?
Anything on sarah l from parkland? Betting its a longshot but figured id try.
any rebekah r@isner or hailey h3ininger. gotta be out there
(8.85 MB 1242x2208 IMG_1612828092.png)
(8.73 MB 1242x2208 IMG_1612828088.png)
(6.12 MB 1242x2208 IMG_1612828087.png)
OF deleted?
Anything on karl33 f?
(593.47 KB 1078x1478 20190917_072810.jpg)
Got a bunch of em if anyone has more alyssa F or grads from 2013
Anything on desi a here?
any wins of Emily B?
Was going so well. Now at a stop again.
>>23004 That's what happens when there are too many requesting without providing anything in return.
>>23004 Everyone dumped a bunch. Now people are back to hording which is annoying. Like just dump what you have.
>>23006 Id be dumping what i have but dont have any. Which sucks. Keep trying some of these girls lately and if they sell they are usuallyasking an insane amount for stuff.
I posted a lot on the last thread and now I gotta dig through my stuff again
So should we let this thread die all together for awhile or what?
Sara corey Northampton??
Janette v or Brandi? Heard there’s videos Parkland used to work with them be a god someone
>>23177 Enough with them. You literally ask every time the thread goes up and got stuffnof theirs. Im highly doubting anyone will post their vids.
(84.63 KB 860x1600 vsco_042622.jpg)
emmaus girls?
Hopefully that’ll be the start of others sharing
At least someone had the right idea and shared lol.
I can’t remember what your name was but I think it use to be kws hmu on disspam again if you see this lmao
Love the Northampton 2010… had them @hners (C@set and @lyssa) but lost my files on my old phone. Would love Vicky c00k!
>>23256 would love to see those.
>>23242 I technically shared but it was stuff from the last thread.
(87.66 KB 828x1104 Snapchat-1337739342.jpg)
(56.87 KB 829x1105 Snapchat-402829593.jpg)
Heres some jage s for some sarah l please. First 2 is jage the second 2 is who im looking for.
I was so mad I didn't save the ones posted from last thread. I'll share some of the ones I did save tommorow.
Also have alot more jage stuff or elsie doll or sam jonesy stuff if anyone cant put up any of the other girls ive asked for.
>>23270 Man, at least they are out there! Hopefully someone shares again!
There’s not anymore jage s smh
>>23289 I have quite abit more. Actually. And some videos too. Got from her before she got engaged and pregnant.
Where’s the videos? Post em. I have Miranda g
Videos? Where!? Lmao
>>23298 Whos that?
I got wins of some other girls but none that you asked for but I will - for Elsie
If these wins get dropped ill drop the full set of jage that i have. The lingerie shots and the nude shots and her masturbation vids. Shari b parkland Sarah l parkland Christina b whitehall Arianie c whitehall Brook s whitehall Ashley c whitehall Vickie k whitehall
>>23332 I have better wins than that. I have actual vids of her using toys in various ways.
>>23308 No. Whose miranda g?
I have everything Elsie posted on her OF
>>23332 >>23336 Omg bro drop them!!! She’d body is perfect
>>23339 Please for the love of god drop then I need to see more of her
Drop more jage
>>23351 For what in turn?
Bump obv no jage no Sara Corey nada it’s dying i posted what I have at moment boys
Any Lauren S, Kay W, or Cora A? From Northwestern
This is a t r aaa d e site haha just post what you have. Hoarding shit is why threads die so much
ISNT is what I meant to say
Jage s videos? I have some catty to dig up post the videos she never let me respam
(82.34 KB 720x1280 received_1574157522619073.jpeg)
(2.79 MB 4032x3024 20191213_140720.jpg)
anybody got her?
>>23381 Im not supposed to spam either. But im on the unadded list so i dont think it matters really. >>23372 And your right. It isnt a - site. But when i have asked for how many girls and never get then it isnt fair to drop everytime someone wants something.
(61.13 KB 828x1792 Snapchat-1017187530.jpg)
(100.84 KB 828x1792 Snapchat-1828628218.jpg)
Heres some more jage even though no one dropped or will drop any that im looking for?
Still have a bunch more of her i can drop but wont until anyone im looking for is dropped.
Ria I she was posted on the old anonib
Ayo stfu, stop crying about nobody post what you want. JUST SHARE WHAT YOU HAVE. The thread continues to die because people DEMAND something in return.
Who’s got Laura l? I used to but lost that phone
AYO if somebody posts Laura l this thread will be FULL. Can promise that.
(56.15 KB 540x960 1521494362687.jpg)
(53.87 KB 750x406 1521758006630.jpg)
(220.76 KB 750x1334 1521669714976.jpg)
(106.78 KB 1080x1920 1521769167131.jpg)
(65.89 KB 440x623 1521805359595.jpg)
(204.71 KB 750x1334 1521946353599.jpg)
(90.26 KB 717x960 1522095772726.jpg)
(89.31 KB 1080x1920 1522096203424.jpg)
(888.15 KB 1080x1918 1582586003011.png)
(839.31 KB 1080x1918 1582637310022.png)
(889.61 KB 1080x2220 1582661967481-0.png)
(924.85 KB 1599x1080 1582661967481-1.png)
(259.58 KB 1920x1080 1584983004453.jpg)
(82.39 KB 769x1024 1582661967481-3.jpg)
(330.94 KB 1553x1005 1582661967481-2.jpg)
(510.72 KB 1080x1918 1582661967481-4.png)
(674.78 KB 716x960 1582905789081.png)
(715.51 KB 1080x1439 1582858872693.png)
>>23442 Just dump what you got thats how this shit stays alive.
Homie I have literally dumped a shit ton of stuff on this thread and the other thread.
>>23448 Yeah i dumped everything i had so i feel you.
>>23421 But yet your bitch ass cries about how much you drop without proof that your the one dropping how much. Shut the fuck up already
homie, smoke some weed and calm down
Any Saucon valley around 2013
>>23298 Wheres that Miranda g that you said youd post for the jage?
Anyone know or interested in these two
>>23485 Want to see both!
>>23486 Do you know them?
>>23487 No just interested
Don’t trust 57 hoes. He’ll just take the snap info and keep it for himself
>>23491 Yeah he fucked me over too lol
>>23490 Central ‘17 if you know
>>23491 He takes your wins and leaves you on read or doesnt even read afterwards. Scammer too just like the hacks guy.
>>23491 Fuck that guy. What happened to ausie?!
Anything on any of the girls that were asked for earlier on?
Alicia stoner??
Asia c Northampton
>>23564 P8cture of who youre asking for? So we know we are posting the right chick.
I meant picture
(124.37 KB 960x721 erica-lynn_0127.jpg)
(168.31 KB 1080x1079 erica-lynn_0122.jpg)
>>23564 This asia c?
Yes that’s Asia! Also Sara corey
Any Lucy Tesssmann
>>23662 They were up on the last thread that just deleted. Why didnt you save them?
>>23433 Who’s got more bridget
anyone have more good ones of her? really nice nipples
Who’s got the Meghan Eleanor wins from Northampton!?
Any emmaus out there?
>>23771 Any1 got more a muth? Will post jackie s win
(6.79 MB 1242x2208 IMG_1597169911.png)
OF gamer girl
(255.96 KB 1242x1666 IMG_1570849981.png)
(2.06 MB 3088x2316 IMG_1354.jpeg)
(2.00 MB 4032x3024 IMG_5852.jpeg)
(3.12 MB 3024x4032 IMG_5762.JPG)
Any 2015-2018 out there?
Anyone have Juli4 Rich4rds0n
Bump for more Rachael C. Would kill to see more of her!
Would kill for more Rachael C
Anything on kristin p here? From whitehall. Used to get around alot.
Anyone have nudes of her or any other salisbury girls? Would love to See Kennedy F from above wins
^ what does that fat pig look like without editing her face and tits to the point of being unrecognizable
anyone have any Salisbury prior to 2011?
(2.58 MB 1440x2560 Screenshot_20170608-214420.png)
Would love to see more of her or vids. She got around a lot.
(3.05 MB 1536x2048 1603401186165 2.png)
Best I got for Nikki P. Post anything more y’all get on her!
Any MK from EHS?
Does any one have alli G. Went to central fat ass had an only fans. I have a bunch of allentown whitehall catty I'd dump for wins
(499.11 KB 1122x2065 ali.jpg)
>>23894 this alli g? she had an OF?
>>23918 Yup that's her couldn't remember the onlyfans name but if anyone got wins drop em all drop all the locals I got
(63.12 KB 832x1800 FB_IMG_1656380541988.jpg)
Long shot, but any $teph h from Beth!ehem
>>23926 >or her friend Julia they both had the OF. Both bad as shit post em both and this guy said he gone share all the locals he got
Any Dawn E from Bethlehem?
What’s Amber Ab31’s OF name? Can’t find that ish on her Insta… Look mom, I made it
>>23963 Who do youhave from whitehall? And why not.just post here instead of on there?
MK from Emmaus?
Any Carlee W or Steph C from Whitehall?
Any slate belt
Anyone have ashley d from parkland??
And Lexi D^ sistaassss
Felicia Hawn anyone?
Michelle m4rtin3z Parkland??
Kara Easton Who has them even though now she is a Bible thumper good girl
>>24046 there gotta be sumone who has more
Does anyone know/have more of Brynne R from Northampton? I have a ton of her
>>24081 More plz!!
>>24085 >>24084 do you guys know her personally? /do you have more?
yes, heard she had a vid with a black dude, is that true
>>24090 damn shes perfect i don't have anything from her but i wish i did
>>24094 Definitely want to see more
Drop all heather whoredisco
More brynne!!!
Anyone know who this is?
Dropping a ton of heather whoredisco in a minute, let’s get this rollingggggg
The founding fathers would be very disappointed in the lack wins being shared here, very unpatriotic.
>>24172 >>24081 >>24088 >>24126 >>24172 drop some here or drop or a way to reach you if you know her
(30.50 KB 600x800 received_203958974590186.jpeg)
(13.56 KB 812x442 received_255102199694996.jpeg)
(24.83 KB 442x812 received_266686858491292.jpeg)
(17.02 KB 427x785 received_297079328452568.jpeg)
(19.52 KB 442x812 received_305574404475822.jpeg)
(28.68 KB 600x800 received_565380938182241.jpeg)
Heather pt2
The emmaus wins from back in the Day used to be legendary.
>>24199 Does she still sleep around and send nudes
>>24202 I have an usb full of old Emmaus wins. I started to save photos from this website in 2011/2012 and kept going til 2016?
2010-2014 is what i have. ill match every photo u post lfggg
actually what was the website?? i know some 2011/12 girls were putting nudes on TUMBLR
Anybody have any thing from this of? Milf from northampton. Just started it https://onlyfans.com/u249353749
>>24088 >>24088 >>24126 >>24174 someone post more Brynne. or leave a us er name or something to reach you for some good stuff.
Any wins, I think Easton, saw at the gym she is stacked
Any maddy mouch from breinigsville qnd then went to Desales
>>24225 I subbed to it. Bitch is disgusting and her OF is trash. Don’t waste your money.
(9.54 MB 1242x2208 download.png)
(7.46 MB 1242x2208 download-1.png)
i have more
Anything else for any of the other girls that were asked for here?
Some Noel R to keep this going
Who’s got the Lauren y.elles wins or Meghan behnk.e wins both from Northampton
Bump Lauren (Y)elles
dropped a bunch of heather C. would love to see Miranda G, Racheal C or maybe even Terri N. if they exist?
>>24076 Bump I want to see more of her Where they at??
>>24321 Apperntly the wins dont exist. Why not message her someplace and try to get them?
On the last thread someone said they had karlee (f) rey wins. They out there?
I guess once this dies leave it dead for awhile. Since no one seems like they want to post much on here.
>>23863 any more?
AmberHansler Bump
Anyone have stuff of her?
(66.22 KB 1080x1350 FB_IMG_1657659833239.jpg)
St3ph h
>>24331 They obviously did so its out there Isnt that the point of this why would I do that lmaoo.
Katy Grey from Wilson area. She models now, saw one of her up before. Any wins?
Who got more
Anyone have Sceneca H? Had an OF but as far as I know it’s deleted
>>24573 It is deleted. Cuz she saw people leaked it already and kept messaging to tell her that shes a whore and so on. Thats why she deleted it.
anyone have kay c? whitehall
>>24210 MK or Fallon?
Any OF pages from LV ladies?
Any Jennie T. Of Bethlehem heard she just started OF
Fuck that. Boys let’s contribute. If someone can name some ofs I’ll pay the price and share the wins. Who is spreading their legs and where can I pay to see it
(30.78 KB 474x843 th.jpeg)
(4.61 KB 168x300 download (2).jpeg)
Tara K, is a snowbunnyand used to have her pics everywhere but I think she deleted them off the int. I got some others but idk if they are high res lol
(4.21 KB 168x300 download (1).jpeg)
Here's another one of Tara K. 570 Frackeville area. Used to have a porn vid of her cucking her bf with a black dude but she got it taken down off the int. Entirely. Used the stage name Kara T(a)(y)lor
>>25030 Yeah, they did a pretty good job getting all of those clips wiped off the web.
>>25017 @xoxoadriii works at platinum, @cheysterr21 use to work at platinum
Where did Janette v dump go? Parkland?
(45.03 KB 538x960 FB_IMG_1658371735515.jpg)
Anyone still have her?
wheres all those emmaus wins?
She got a fatty
>>22917 Got a bunch of Hailey
Drop the Hailey
Saw her thread up and now it’s gone
>>25259 Bangor thread, I posted it
Luna raine OF is the valid as fuck
Lived in Easton for awhile. Anyone got more? She just made an OF but I know there’s gotta be more out there
>>25266 Use to live in Easton.
Lauren ♡? Brittany C? Cindy?
>>25279 Hearts make you look gay
Anymore northampton chicks?
Any emmaus 06 wins
Felicia h@wan on the right from Easton
>>25464 Hawn*
Anyone have Ashley or Tia s(mith)?
i have a few ill match whatevers posted if they good
Anything on falyn t?
Who’s got more?
Jordan Long from NL. Her onlyfans is @jordanbarbi
Kyr@ D@ni3ls. From NL. Onlyfans is kinkykyra22
Looking for Seneca y when she had an of or kaela i stancy car girl
>>25616 lets see some more brynne
>>25678 What’s he name on prnhub?
Her booty got big after moving to florida. Princessjfe
(122.45 KB 750x937 oliwia.jpg)
Falyn T
>>23433 who has more bridget h?
>>25712 You are the man. This made my day.
Bump for Oliwia
Anything on the beautiful sexy miss abby miller heres?
Hey ! Just so you know the cops were called tonight ! This is - and half these pictures weren’t consented to post . August 4 , 2022 11:45pm cops left my house at 12:45am .
>>25819 Lol you think we are stupid?
Anyone from whitehall remember the name of that hot librarian that was there? She was a younger lady closer to our age. Brunette with glasses. Was smashing the baseball team for awhile.
>>25839 Tiny cute brunette with glasses right?
>>25839 Dasino or something like that?
>>25845 Yeah. She was sexy as hell. Wonder what happened with her. Curious if anyone got pics or vids of her. Huge longshot but still wondering
>>25694 Seconded my lawd
Can someone post those ria I aka gnarcissist they were on the old anon
Anything on Isabella here?
Hailey Tully ?
Bumping for ria again!
Any wins?