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anyone have Brittany b? Anonymous 07/17/2022 (Sun) 19:04:53 No. 6544
1tzzbr1tt@nyb had an OF at 1 time
From Porum/Warner? I have one. Who do you have?
I partied with her a few months back and I have a bunch of nudes from her. Nothing that won't trace back to me though
Post them anyway I’ve always wanted to see her naked
Who do you have? Also the one I have were before the neck tattoo
(38.58 KB 508x948 Snapchat-739397573.jpg)
Porum gal
Bump for more
Bump for britt
I literally told yall to post some of your wins from girls around those small towns and I will post one of her
(64.05 KB 144x255 1612918284732-1.png)
From Warner. Ashton
(91.56 KB 480x800 1447549194093.jpeg)
Old one
(117.58 KB 720x1280 IMG_1559.JPG)
(140.00 KB 640x480 IMG_3432.jpg)
(93.93 KB 615x820 Photo Mar 16, 2 41 16 PM.jpg)
(132.33 KB 1080x1920 1612918379540-1.jpg)
Brittany B
(39.45 KB 1280x715 received_481760585562592.jpeg)
Megan h porum
(139.27 KB 1280x1707 received_423693928149802.jpeg)
(113.27 KB 674x1280 image-2021-01-25-16-57-55.jpg)
Any Barbee twins wins from Porum? I'll show some Summer S wins for them
Who is am?
Any wins from Warner of those years
(28.42 KB 508x948 Snapchat-1284400498.jpg)
Major BUMP this post is lit
(348.27 KB 1600x1200 IMG_0251.JPG)
(503.34 KB 1932x1932 IMG_1805.JPG)
Hyla P, Kaday B, Laura J, Katie T,Melissa W.
(456.62 KB 1600x1200 CIMG0029.jpg)
(137.09 KB 674x820 IMG_0814.JPG)
Rayme T, Heather M
(90.76 KB 615x820 Photo Mar 16, 3 16 50 PM.jpg)
More Melody j
Magan K. Found these on another site a while ago. Hot af
Megan L. Stripper at teasers
(18.85 KB 480x480 Snapchat-1623563564.jpg)
Any amber l from kinta
(9.06 KB 363x483 received_257732808478092.jpeg)
(12.81 KB 363x483 received_646907322405020.jpeg)
Anyone else have anymore wins? This is all i have of her. Heard shes a whore but never got my chance. More Kaday B to or her sisters!
(684.38 KB 3027x1431 image-2018-05-15-17-04-52.jpg)
(584.71 KB 1152x2048 image-2018-05-15-17-04-43.jpg)
Kristina F.
I use to fuck her all the time when we were in school. I even did on the bus on senior trip. Shes a freak for sure. I also fucked Melissa W while she was married to some dude back in the day lol
I fucked Katie, hyla and Melissa always wanted kaday but never pulled that. Melissa gave the best head hyla was a freak and katie was kind of a dead fish. We need some porum class of 07 they had some hotties for sure
Who got Kasey long
Kasey is up on the post but i have a ton of her if you have any of her sister or some good stuff from around
Who are you and yeah I do have some of her sister
Just someone whose hit that plenty. Drop one of her sister and ill drop 2 of kasey
Where are you from. If u really fucked her
Around beaver mountain my guy. Now if you got it post or let people with real wins post
Is this Shawn
Hell no. Who the fuck is shawn. This aint the place for chit chat. Post wins or get out
David. Weathers
I dont think either one of you guys got shit so move off my post. Let us men who actually got shit talk
Nope. And i do to have shit and i said id post if he does. I aint going to share anything to this post till i get what i want
Well I know who you are that posted the pic of Kasey and your going to get fucked up bitch
Come on down to san bois cemetery. Btw my name starts with a M and i didnt post that win
Why not meet me at the kinta car wash in 20 minutes
Cause we driving this area and we're drinking by the cemetery. Quit being ass hurt that some of us fucked her
Ok Mikey Maxwell if you didn't post it why did u comment
Well if you're driving around drinking drive on the kinta and meet me at the car wash when I get there
Who? Lol. I didnt post any of these pictures. Im a guest.i do have pictures she sent me and my homies
Yeah I bet she did why don't you come on in to kinta come on come on you little punk ass bitch
Mannnnnn someone delete that kasey girls pic and delete those comments. Yall brought the whole vibe down. I do have a question where is this porum place at yall got some fire hunnis
Hell punk bitch why don't we just meet at her house if you fucked her then you ought to know where she lives
(356.93 KB 1536x2048 IMG_1823.JPG)
(374.04 KB 1536x2048 IMG_1824.JPG)
(549.67 KB 1536x2048 IMG_1828.JPG)
A few more
(57.08 KB 1080x810 IMG_20180605_161705_192.jpg)
(55.05 KB 1080x810 IMG_20180605_161708_400.jpg)
Desiray P
You are a hero my dude!
(240.57 KB 3264x2448 received_2051700664861935.jpeg)
(55.12 KB 960x959 FB_IMG_1659537337554.jpg)
(38.20 KB 649x656 FB_IMG_1659537150345.jpg)
Any Kassandra T or Jamie M wins my guys. Porum and Webbers areas
What about Dawn W? Melissa W sister. I always thought she would have the best tits out of them all. A little weird but I bet nice rack
(30.33 KB 482x960 FB_IMG_1659538795174.jpg)
Any wins of this broad. Stigler area
I have a few of these I'll post up if this thread stays alive!
This thread is awesome. We dont ever get one for our small areas. Get posting bros
(15.72 KB 496x499 FB_IMG_1659580560799.jpg)
Anyone have any Crystal H wins?
(84.98 KB 600x1097 757254143.jpg)
(32.83 KB 600x448 735875693.jpg)
>>6958 Found these anyone got anything else
Bump for C.H.
Any wins of the 2010 class. Besides Melissa w lol
(291.59 KB 1353x2688 IMG_2112.JPG)
(297.16 KB 1353x2688 IMG_2113.JPG)
Guys this is the last time I'm saving this post. Either bump with wins or STFU. Brittany B
(254.80 KB 720x1188 IMG_3214.JPG)
Anymore krissi S? I always thought she was lesbian
Melissa W is fucking trash
Casey has a fat pussy lol
Let's see that pussy then.
Casey does have a fat pussy but I broke her sisters back plenty. Casey is old news get Liv
Post them both!
Anyone have any Raine D. Or Tiara B
I second wins for Olivia M or Trish B.
(124.04 KB 584x1152 image-2018-05-19-22-12-55.jpg)
Kristina F.
I guess this is dead now
(116.21 KB 1024x1280 0_1 (1).jpg)
(100.00 KB 640x724 Blair.jpg)
(36.14 KB 389x691 Photo Feb 23, 11 35 38 PM.jpg)
Raine D, Rachel F, Kimberly T (Webber), Blair O (Stigler), Krissi S
Brooke W
(104.12 KB 461x820 IMG_0838.JPG)
(101.73 KB 820x548 IMG_0839.JPG)
Whitney C
(93.11 KB 615x820 IMG_0789.JPG)
(58.20 KB 615x820 IMG_0834.JPG)
(56.02 KB 306x820 IMG_0791.JPG)
(92.14 KB 615x820 IMG_0805.JPG)
Heather M
(55.46 KB 432x820 IMG_0364.JPG)
(74.37 KB 615x820 IMG_0369.JPG)
(97.94 KB 615x820 IMG_0370.JPG)
Cheyenne T
Mari-lyn M
(233.70 KB 956x1533 IMG_2756.JPG)
(182.57 KB 986x1600 IMG_2757.JPG)
(194.55 KB 1060x1350 IMG_2758.JPG)
Tatyanna S
Damn! I graduated with Mari-lyn never thought she'd take those pics. Especially not crazy ass Tatyana but nice wins
(227.02 KB 2592x1944 received_2051698448195490.jpeg)
(54.56 KB 750x1334 Snapchat-325198383.jpg)
(56.03 KB 508x948 Snapchat-67612237.jpg)
Crystal S, Brittany Felicia B
More crystal s pls or link or whatever
I only had the 2 of crystal s. Maybe others have more
(145.64 KB 378x720 image-2021-01-26-03-11-27.jpg)
(47.07 KB 1068x1068 FB_IMG_1660016913670.jpg)
Bumping for lauren p
I can't get my win videos to post?
I'll post some Katie M for some Olivia M, Reyna J or Courtney C.
Nobody wants to see videos of porum,Warner or webbers nasty crackheaded dope whores. Most of what's been posted has been 2s at most. Ugly bitches but nobody expected much lmao
Dead af now. I've held this thread 2gether but I'm done now