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Anonymous 11/19/2022 (Sat) 23:02:56 No. 9245
Fortune J0nes/Krau$E
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anyone know her? anyone got any more?
anyone know her? anyone got moar?
i'm sure it feels amazing to cum in her
>>10947 Yes it does. I usually fuck her daily, sometimes twice. Sure is awesome to be married to a web-slut. That alone gets me off big time!
You guys swing?
>>11029 Only with guys. I am BI and a CUCK. Not interested in swapping.
Send your info. I'll put my big dick inside her.
I'd love to see more of her
We are thinking about doing an amateur bukkake video - She loves the idea but we need 10-15 guys to meet up for the filming.
Matt, sadly i can't participate, I'm a continent away. But i guess you still have some hot pics of her in your archives to share with us until then?
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Got any more? I went to UNC with her
Let me know when and where and I'll participate.