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(224.76 KB 618x956 IMG_20210704_165651906.png)
Cali skye Anonymous 07/04/2021 (Sun) 20:58:01 No. 1
Anybody have this vid
I wish!! Btw she is planning on restarting caliskyfan. Good news if it happens..
DC come to our rescue
Why has this vid not surfaced?!
>>108 because you severely overestimate the market for fans of strung-out, coal-burning crack whores that have had a FORBIDDEN
That's half the tube vids on the interwebs
That is just a picture a video never existed per Cali herself. But don't take it from me, ask her yourself. She's easy to find
Does anyone know if she did videos with teenstarlet?
(332.04 KB 855x1225 04.jpg)
Someone needs to unhoard the Blacked sets
(337.11 KB 1000x1500 01.jpg)
(290.17 KB 833x1264 06.jpg)
These are desperate times
(527.08 KB 1762x1168 07.jpg)
(299.60 KB 968x1191 08.jpg)
Need some goodies for the delta variant
there are literally videos of her fucking her black dealer. why make shitty boomer photoshops when the vids actually exist?
These shit ass "photoshops" are garbage get that trash out of here
>>137 >>138 >>139 Hahahahahahahahahahahaha... Holy shit, I just laughed so hard I lost my erection. These have to be the worst fakes I have ever seen. Bravo, good sir. Bravo!
She isnt starting anything up... she lives 3 miles from me in a trailer park. She's in and out of shelters and recovery centers, or jail. Look her up, her mugshots are easy to find.
(651.60 KB 1980x1086 09.jpg)
>>141 Come on, at least the first one was good >>142 Admit it. You flapped
>>153 you clearly enjoy looking at black cocks more than women. might wanna get your repressed homosexuality check out and then kys
(386.30 KB 403x515 mc.PNG)
Only seen one mug shot>>151
>>157 ayy lmao
(127.17 KB 984x1200 D77TeqLU8AAzQ8I.jpg)
>>157 Looks just like her dad!
(188.60 KB 1080x1620 20210818_132900.jpg)
>>176 Where can one find this video?
>>170 her dad is actually a morbidly obese bald man
Google her name. She has a site that you can get her uncensoreds at.
Bump it up!
I am waiting to see her new content. Small thing to turn you on… there is a vid of her while she is playing in her wet region where you can clearly see daddy in the background. After a while the camera guy comes in (you can’t see his face) and daddy gives commands to her. It was so funny when he said to her „now you open your mouth and suck him“. Her face was priceless. As she did not had the surgery I think it was all down 18th street. Now I start to think that the dog stories are no stories but have a chance to be true… Btw…don’t trust the guy selling the vid - he sends you proof but nothing after Payment :)
I have her snapchat and she is still really unreliable. I paid her 50 for a set and she ghosted me for about a month then sent me a video masturbating her blown out pussy that was half the time of the original video. I called her out on her bs and she took offense to me mocking her pussy. Another time she sent me a set that was already distributed on the internet. I was close to getting an in-person meet up seeings how we live close together but don't think thats happening now. We were face timing up until the ghosting but shes lost all my good will.
>>No. 367 This rekt bitch never gave me anything and sent her $100. Now she just ghost me on SC and every four days has some lame excuse and apologies. Why did I except from a mud shark?
>>No. 366 Pics or didn't happen
(601.69 KB 0645649645.webm)
Daddy trained her so well…but he never participated actively. He was fully blown to watch and to see her getting nailed by almost everything that fits in. And guys believe me … the vids that are public are already revealing. The ones that are not are definitely far beyond the things a dad does with his daughter that lives beyond 16th street.
(368.95 KB 1917x946 1543991074948.jpg)
(189.74 KB 1200x1047 SecretFantasy.jpeg)
>>384 KING, thanks for sharing! Please tell me there's a full version out there. Been waiting years to see either of these leak, I had given up all hope.
Do you have the video of her riding the loch ness monster to Big Foot's house where she entertained Santa Clause with her stories of that time the Easter Bunny showed her his eggs? Not to be a dick, since it is clear all manner of things actually went one with her, but without even a single screenshot, what is the point of even posting these comments? Do you have the proof of existence you mentioned for any of this?
(109.65 KB 750x1328 xdYEqK.jpg)
(101.51 KB 750x1328 xdYkws.jpg)
(102.90 KB 750x1328 xdYpsJ.jpg)
(272.45 KB 750x990 xjoRKg.jpg)
Daddy issues
>>157 Her little brother.
Any suggestions for possible passwords of a file named caliskye.com.7z, possibly from anonib ca 2017?
>>412 Have you tried anon, or ANON?
>>419 That was a BS zip file put out to mess with people's mind. There is nothing Cali in it.
>>421 is this video available anywhere?
>>176 Make this appear, and I'll post the cali secret fantasy vid
secret fantasy video? dont know that one. what is it?
He is referring to the ones making their rounds in the dark region of the internet. Where daddy is actively involved giving commands.
>>421 this one
>>442 Fake scammer
(482.58 KB 1728x1152 089.jpg)
(825.35 KB 2381x1667 087.jpg)
>>154 No dicks. Better?
>>456 No, you're still a nigger loving faggot.
(1.18 MB 654x368 Cali-Secret (1)_1.gif)
Any snapchat stuff out there?
>>468 she always seems incredibly bored in these videos
She is bored because it is her job since she was young. Trained by daddy. Just imagine what they are presenting to the public. You don‘t want to know what happened when doors and curtains were closed…
Snapchat vid
>>471 Got it. Its a 2 part vid. 2nd is him going down on her. Both rather boring.
>>470 Are you ever going to post proof of this shit or are you just going to keep jerking off telling everyone your fantasies?
>>471 Post the vid?
Cinderlla showed her pussy two videos in a row. We have not seen those big lips in a while.
Still no vids of the posted screenshots?
>>480 Glad i dropped her off snapchat if shes just peddling crappy content still
>>476 which video was that from?
>>480 Post this?
>>488 post them snapchat vids from earlier in the thread
for a sharing board there's not a lot of sharing going on
>>497 the file that go
>>485 bungalow 6
(1.25 MB 7360x4912 Cali red bondage-12.jpg)
any snapchat vids out there?376b3
>>531 This is new to me do you have the rest of this set I've only ever seen 2 others
>>534 Post something worth seeing
>>535 Lol if I had anything that everybody else didn't already have I would gladly but all I've got is what's commonly found already
>>176 who has this?
(1.25 MB 7360x4912 Cali red bondage-36.jpg)
snap chat vids?
(509.64 KB 1000x1500 18025006038.jpg)
Bumping for customs
(192.98 KB 720x514 01_016.JPG)
(207.23 KB 720x514 06_01_033.JPG)
(203.89 KB 720x514 06_01_039.JPG)
(218.88 KB 720x514 06_01_099.JPG)
(216.92 KB 720x514 06_01_091.JPG)
(317.40 KB 720x514 06_01_0987.JPG)
(267.23 KB 720x514 08_16_0245.JPG)
(317.10 KB 720x514 08_16_055.JPG)
(299.94 KB 720x514 06_01_102.JPG)
(361.17 KB 720x514 08_16_0275.JPG)
(299.95 KB 720x514 08_16_023.JPG)
(293.61 KB 514x720 08_16_0295.JPG)
(1.92 MB blue.webm)
(649.23 KB Cali_BTS_snap-5.webm)
Wow, except for the "blue" vid these really are new! Is there more?
>>603 >>604 Where did you get these from? Are they new?
(1.11 MB 1995x3000 1620616580135-5.jpg)
Anybody want to understand hoard the rest of the early customs?
(167.90 KB 1210x1814 Cali-10-_018.JPG)
(161.46 KB 1210x1814 Cali-10-_022.JPG)
(151.81 KB 1210x1814 Cali-10-_035.JPG)
(149.74 KB 1210x1814 Cali-10-_057.JPG)
(139.31 KB 1210x1814 Cali-10-_060.JPG)
(133.51 KB 1210x1814 Cali-10-_064.JPG)
(153.44 KB 1210x1814 Cali-10-_065.JPG)
(156.25 KB 1210x1814 Cali-10-_066.JPG)
(155.68 KB 1210x1814 Cali-10-_067.JPG)
(129.98 KB 1210x1814 Cali-10-_068.JPG)
(138.11 KB 1210x1814 Cali-10-_069.JPG)
(139.07 KB 1210x1814 Cali-10-_070.JPG)
(42.70 KB 622x933 1611125307016-1.jpg)
Keep it up
(1.18 MB 1037x1555 IMG_4838.JPG)
shot recently
(1.62 MB 4032x3024 1619350549551-0.jpeg)
(849.73 KB 2016x1512 IMG_0297.jpg)
Any old customs?
(107.55 KB 750x1125 xdYoyt.jpg)
(155.00 KB 667x1000 923_1000.jpg)
Hopefully someone will unhoard this for the holidays
What was that
>>624 where are you getting this from?
Where ever they came from keep them coming
just go to and wach her squirt: xvideos.com/video28152123/maiara I think the best one of her!
(354.80 KB 1333x2000 2.jpg)
(299.45 KB 1333x2000 3.jpg)
some more
Does anyone have the bubble bath video from her teenstarlet days? The original one before it was taken down and replaced
>>151 Whereabouts is that then?
Bumpity bump, full squeaky clean vid please
>>801 it was posted today in the other Cali thread right here.
(604.67 KB 1334x2001 Cali_White_68.jpg)
>>410 I made that composite picture with circles and the arrows showing the dildo and the food and the dad! I found my original, and it is named "Cali Skye Dildo What The Actual Fuck.jpg". LOL. Looks like I created it on 02/11/2018. Cool to see it still floating around teh intarwebs. In the exif data of that dildo pic, the date taken is 11/10/2012. I'll leave the rest as an exercise for the reader.
I just noticed my orignal is larger than the one posted. I'm re-posting for the lulz for you Cali fans who don't have it. (Hoping it does not get downsized).
anyone have the masturbation vid?
>>1165 Yes, someone has it.
Her daddy has it for sure. As well as the ones where his little friend replaced the toys. How seriously fucked up are you filming your daughter using a powertool and squirting in your garage. Would be interesting to find out if her brother also got a chance to participate. I wouldn’t be surprised. Think about it: this is the stuff they made public. To say it with cali’s words: this is so weird.
>>1173 she wasn't squirting in that garage video, that was straight up piss. she likely doesn't know how to squirt
Pissing or squirting … it stays weird knowing daddy filmed her anytime he liked and she was/is comfortable having him around. For me that seems to be well trained … and that training definitely didn’t started when she lived on 15th street.
Bumping with this
>>1273 Seen it. Bump with snapchat content
>>1273 Hoping someone will post this set
>>1273 Bumpity bump
(589.77 KB 2566x1711 cali_fingering.jpg)
Found in another place years ago
>>1427 Find anything else there?
(305.95 KB 1288x2148 cali-ays.jpg)
Cali at your service
>>1618 This is my favorite Cali set. Love how she tries to hide that the she’s wearing crotchless panties :)
>>1631 it looks like she's turning into quite the crack whore
Cali is a fucking mudshark skank hoe that got pimped out by her inbreed redneck , back water father now. what has happened to her before our eyes is no surprise at all. just sad to see the downward spiral. I wish there were no more post of her ever again. the 14yo nudes of her are great. ass is a masterpiece, at that age, but obviously her money maker had a shelf life, and time ran out on it quickly.
>>1649 I like what I like. Simmer down, and have mom heat you up another Hot Pocket.
>>1649 Do you got those masterpiece noodez
She has been AWOL for a month on SC
>>1885 Yah she's gone dark. The day she went dark she sold me a new video and didn't ever deliver! First time she didn't give me what I paid for.
Any chance we could see the times she DID give you what you paid for? I'm not afraid to beg...
There is a chance. I always said I wouldn't post her stuff unless she retired or stole from me. I will give a bit more time but the I will post it all. Probably at least 6 things not ever seen posted before.
>>1895 bruh, that would be awesome. no rush.
The stuff I've paid for sometimes it took her 2 weeks to get it to me. After a while I told her i wouldnt pay until she delivered first. That worked a few times
She scammed me to this last go around owes me several videos
>>1924 Mind if I ask what she offered you? I still am hoping she comes thru for me.
For me it was the vid from the first pic in this thread for $60, a second for $40 more
She scammed me for almost $200 years ago, I've tried to warn people not to send her money but I guess she's still at it.
I always played hardball with her so she didn't get away with too much. Actually she was usually pretty generous.
>>1934 I have those clips. I will give some more time but...
I offered a legit porn deal to her. Form 2257 and all expenses paid plus $2k for the shoot. But she can't get her shit together long enough to get talent tested.
>>1938 Just recent content or some of her older work?
>>1941 Older and new stuff. I was one of the first to buy her original HC. I also got 2 recent BJ clips of her and the hot tub dude.
>>1940 She would still make a nice pornstar. She likes that attention and can play to the camera.if she had a decent partner and with the $$$ she'd be hooked! I told her before "Do what your best talent is"
Let’s see some sex vids of her with white guys
Please share some of the older stuff
Cali Skye
(14.47 MB Cali Skye.mp4)
ffs! I'm a retard.
>>1966 Vid isn't working, can you upload to anonfiles or something?
>>1973 It works, but you have to go to anusib.com.
Any heroes out there that can post the full video?
>>1978 https://pornone.com/asian/pornone-sex-video-277246879/277246879/ 480p version is on pornone
the full video is 10 minutes longer
yeah, that one is everywhere but it cuts out before she uses the dildo. the full vid has never been posted.
Please leak her vids since she screwed your over
(1.34 MB 2998x1735 csonoff017.jpeg)
(1.44 MB 3229x2392 csonoff034.jpeg)
(1.42 MB 3134x1784 csonoff019.jpeg)
(348.30 KB 1278x964 csonoff011.jpeg)
(1.03 MB 2238x1410 csonoff010.jpeg)
Cali on/off
>>2204 im going in either way. Her, me, an 8 ball of good crystal and 48 hours in a hotel room. What more could a guy ask for..
(4.68 MB 3000x4500 IMG_3002.jpg)
Why are we posting this down syndrome, NIGGER loving, daddy fucker?
why are you so obsessed with blacks?
>>1940 No one wants to see your old fat ass, and shrimpkin dicklet having a seizure on this down syndrome crack whore
>>2250 Why are so obsessed with cock and semen?
>>2252 who said anything about cock and semen? oh, you were. moron
Bump for new braces Cali!
>>2204 Where did you get the picture of her in the pink dress?
(2.07 MB 3448x4459 1608872732965~2.jpg)
Someone unhoard this
>>2284 Or any other of the vip sets would be greatly appreciated
(14.92 KB 50x37 wank2.gif)
I have fapped to Cali for years...but it is the first time I have seen a HC video of her...thanks for posting...MOAR please...TIA.
>>2284 It's amazing that this set is still being hoarded. It's been nearly 10 years since the photos were taken and they are still being hoarded.
(1.54 MB CaliTub.mp4)
(3.52 MB CaliTub2.mp4)
(1.01 MB CaliTub3.mp4)
(3.72 MB CaliTub4.mp4)
(1.83 MB CaliTub5.mp4)
(5.09 MB CaliWand1.mp4)
(4.25 MB CaliHotel1.mp4)
(2.69 MB CaliHotel2.mp4)
(1.45 MB CaliHotel3.mp4)
(939.94 KB CaliHotel4.mp4)
(2.86 MB CaliHotel5.mp4)
(3.29 MB CaliHotel6.mp4)
>>2345 Well, now that's a new one. First time seeing a clip of this in the wild.
>>2345 Simply amazing! Mommy’s toy?!? Wonder if that one ends up with a big squirt?
>>2345 Please tell me there is more
New IG post from today
(814.06 KB CaliBED.mp4)
>>2355 There is SO much more ;-)
>>2372 When are you going to post it?
>>2376 I'm waiting for the guy who bought her videos to come back
I heard there is a 3-some vid of her with Jimmy Hoffa and Elvis.
Which version of this site do these videos work on?
>>2387 DOT AL
>>2369 Sweet, thank you. She is still beautiful and still knows how to model
(78.75 KB 640x960 1558207451343-0.jpeg)
>>2269 This is the original image. My copy is called 1558207451343-0.jpeg, which tells me that I got it off some earlier version of anonib in May 2019. I wouldn't be surprised if I asked the poster back then where it came from too.
Anyone heard from her lately? Been like a couple months with no response from her this time.
Yeah, chatted with her a bit last week. She'll disappear again for a week or two