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Anonymous 02/15/2022 (Tue) 22:34:28 No. 2427
Bump. Need more H@ley plz
Ay! Yas Please! She’s badddddd
That azz is epic, are it for days
How is dere nothing? Diz chik was all over at polk! I wuz in her co.
Who still has that motherless link? The pics were high quality
Bump. Who has the stuff from the old site?
That was just her azz I was in stationed there wit the guy who took it, I know the flag. She wild
She used to have some modeling pics, she fuked the guy takin Da pics. But she had mad camel toe, pssy phat af. Nun y’all got stories?!
(131.08 KB 720x960 Nx9EhgW.jpg)
need more
We don’t want stories, we want pics/vids
Neva seen vids on dis girl. No stories so that mean you neva hit? 😂 sad bruh. She don suk but can ride like a mufuka
Please stfu about stories! Gawd her puss is phat! Would love to know how she is in bed from someone who actually hit..but please more pics!!!
Nuttin still?! Bruhh let me see if she sellin picz, her IG has azz all over
Bump Bump Bump
You bummmmms
BUMMMPPPP This chick! HOWEEEEE is DERE nothing!!??
Bruh, how is nobody posting? I’ll pay!
I see dem pics, fukkk she thic. Anyone find the Calvin Klein pics? Camel toe is amazeing
Cmon men. Let’s get this popping…. Anyone of yawl who wuz @ polk knew her
BUMP! I know her!! 🤤
Bump bump bump
Someone has to have sum…I’ll pay for proof
(97.14 KB 424x823 IMG_1730.jpg)
(934.83 KB 750x750 IMG_1636.PNG)
(1000.54 KB 1080x705 IMG_1637.PNG)
(2.18 MB 1024x1821 IMG_1640.PNG)
(1.60 MB 1080x1346 IMG_2347.PNG)
(2.62 MB 1080x1080 IMG_2345.PNG)
I was in her mech. Co in Louis. Because knew she had azz like dat
Ayyyyyy look how phat da 🐱 is
I know this chick, she doesn’t seem the type to show off her camel toe or ass! Dayummm
Drsatan6969pump on rettid if you wanna chat about her
Couldn’t find you, you date her or sunthin
I had so many booty pics of her when we served together. Anyone got her - info?
Hey dr what’s the deal? You able to get some pics of her?
She married but she was when I hit, he’s cool wit it
We gotta know more. She’s hot af.
Starting a FORBIDDEN group chat hit up doctorsatan6969. Reddit shit the bed
Who you talkin to? And forbidden chat for who? This chik?
That’s HJ?! NO WAY, her azz got PHATTTT. Who else hit 🙋‍♂️
She’s my gym buddie OMG lol!!!!
BUMP! Stationed with her! ❤️
Someone who has IT “skills” please get sumfin
Get themmmm! BUMPPP
Bump Bump BUMP, mw and my fiancé “knew” her 😂
Had this on her IG. I know someone gotta be techy enough to remove the markup
Damnnnn she used to post a lot of booty pics! Her ass is okay af for a skinny white girl, anyone know if she twerk?!?!
What’s her IG name now? Can’t find her old one.
She know her neighbors looking at that phat kitty 🤤 she a tease!
Bump! We workout at the same gym sometime, Gurl lifts commando.
Bump this! She had af!
Who has all the shit from the old site?
Cmon men, whose got the skills to get her sht. I know for a fact she sends
>>4072 Oh do ya now? How does one know for a fact such things?
Do we have the star in here? Or a friend? Her “hubby” lol N Bcuz I’ve gotten plenty, stopped about 4 months ago >:)
Omggggg I miss eating that kitty.
She Tha Finest white gurl I seen
Ya got then please share em since we’re all wanting the same thing with her phat pussy
She always had the best pussy on Polk..still sending out noodz?
Pleaseeee someone come through, at polk she was a hugeeeee tease. Never let me hit but daymmmmmmm that azz. She’s into chicks too
>>4151 Hales has never fucked wit chicks man, outta here with that bs
She’s into girls fo sho, she’s eaten two that I know of, one while a guy in my company smashed her.
I was her neighbor in the stack, she had a lot of guys in an out on the weekends, she bragged about being with both girls and guys.
Not sure about girls, but she cheated on her BF with me. Met her on deployment, she invited me down, she sucked me and I dicked her down in a hotel while she was engaged. Lol
Daymmmm dis hoe popular, anyone got good stories?
Her pics are 🤤 let’s gooooo BUMPOPOO
Someone has to have better pics then if she’s this big a ho
She was THE hoe at polk, smashed MPs, engineers, infantry, comm.. then she moved smashed instructors and if you had 3 stripes she’s bounce on it. 3 of my boys hit it in a week at polk.
She ain’t dat confident, she a skinny hoe wit a little booty, can she twerk? I kno she married now doe
Someone bring it home!
This girl here, I’ve got stories for days
Look how her ass picks it up, JONES when dat azzzz get sonphat
Men…look at her ass! Where she has her hand…omfg
Slim thic, her mama don’t know what he doing.
Gawd I’d eat that azz all day. Anyone know if she can twerk??!!
Anyone have a story? I was obsessed with her at polk lol
Jones what! Was in basic with her, she rode a few lmao bump this!! Keep it alive!
Lol how old is this boy that keeps pretending to be different people 🤣
I know 3 of the people in here on her thread, dk about that.
>>4229 Nothing to brag about.
Guess he neva smashed it than hahahaha
This chik frm Polk???? Where’s jimenez at lmao!!! Daymmmm her azz doe!
Neva seen a white gurl slim-thic like that!!
I rlly miss eating dat ass, she a nce lil southern girl, Bes believe she can handle a dick
She left her man I think, wish I was stationed there. I’d be eating that
>>4329 >>4328 Please stop talking
Why? That’s what dis is for, to share. Stories, videos pictures. You neva touched her did you? So sad, keep dreaming geek 😂
>>4338 You’re either a 13 year old boy or a moron and you aren’t telling stories you’re just speaking jibberish. Shut up
Itz ok, I’m 29. I’ve eaten and smashed ole Jonsey. You seem jelly itz ok 😉
What’s this chicks socials?
Her IG jus changed to _haleynwest
You have a story? Big talk
No way dats HJ!!!
Still using the photo from 2010 I see. Maybe there is a reason why you can’t find more of her.
I know her, used to destroy that on the reg. She doesn’t send many pics, she texts and than you have her face down. Simple
All grlz r bing more creful since the leak, they still slutty trust
She luk betta in leggings than naked 4 real
>>4415 And you speak better with your mouth shut you illiterate moron
What r u tlkin about. Seems you’re jealous you neva got to hit. It’s ok
4415 I guaranteed you didn’t hit it either. She doesn’t fuck with illiterate fucks. If you fucked, what’s on her ass cheek?
Wow someones rlly jelly, nothing is on her ass, she has a star tat near her phat pssy :) I ate her plenty, azz too.
She had nun on her azz wen I smashed also..maybe nt illiterate, but she luvs blak dik. Dats a fact