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Anonymous 03/07/2023 (Tue) 09:11:21 No. 23677
Anyone a fan of Florida Te@n Models? Modeling D V D's? They're local gals from Dayla Bay!
we need all of these lol
rb gy / ply0tx Dit between rb&gy
Stormy and breezy are locals?
They sure are! Every oil slicked bouncy butt cheek of them is Dayla Bay. Although that dvd link posted by our generous friend is of only one twin Breezy, and Ellie, another sister I think? This black slingshot dvd from around the same time is of the twins. Apparently there many slips... Anyone got?
Elizabeth was my fav though, cos of her delightful Dayla Bay derriere...πŸ˜‰
Bump for some Heather
>>24795 Everyone talks about her boobs but she’s got a fine butt!! Especially in the red slingshot set where she arches her back!
Love to see more Daviana
>>25184 Daviana? Who's that?
>>25230 Santa hat, Daviana Camp(item that rings)
(496.70 KB 960x540 dvd13videoi.jpg)
>>25331 Found one more of cute curvy Catarina. Love her overbite. She loves Santa hats.
Any videos of any of the girls post mdvds days. I know Tina did some camming.
Wonder what stormy and breezy look like now.
dm pm edi atg - com - all this media is on this site for $
There has to be more of these girls . Any OF?
Any OF from these girls?!?