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Littleton Dakota ridge columbine 10/17/2022 (Mon) 14:31:32 No. 3165
Re opening this because it’s needed
Looking for Paige r(omero) Taylor r(omero) celina p(hagan) Lauren (c)readick or any of those friends and hot ass broads
Still waiting for something of Sydney or other DRHS 2012. I will drop all I have if someone posts Sydney. I've already posted a few of Taylor and Celina to prove I have them. I'm not negotiating, just waiting...
Anyone have anything of sarah caldw3ll?
Any of G1nj3r Russ3ll?
Where did you post Taylor and celina? I don’t see them…
Yeah bump for Taylor celina and Paige r
Sounds like dude is full of shit
I posted them in the last thread that got deleted. It doesn't really matter because all of you are all talk, no one else actually has anything to contribute.
That’s ridiculous because I posted like 90 percent of the girls on the last thread…
Just little pics of Taylor and celina to prove it again
Yeah and some Paige r(0m3ro) please!
Big bump for MacKenzie b!! I have a bunch of her older stuff before her tit job
>>3282 Let’s see her old stuff
Bump for Paige Taylor celina and all those chicks!
Proof and I got you on the the older, shies a lot just not many p◇ss pics
>>3292 I got you it’s just a from behind one. Always wanted to see her before the tits though lol.
>>3292 Little extra for all the mack3nzi3 b ones you have. Chandl3r jad3
I will post some of the ones I had on the old thread if someone can prove they have Paige Taylor and celina
>>3298 I gave proof of Mackenzi3 p*s$y for your other ones you have
Yeah but I’m not lookin for McKenzie I’m looking for Paige Taylor and celina and all those chicks
You'd see her tats you know that's not herbe serious or be gone
>>3302 Man that’s just what’s off her Forbidden page. Says the name on the bottom of the picture.
It’s funny how this dude can’t prove he has Paige Taylor or celina when he says he does. Typical thread right…
I got so many from here. Lol. I would share but no one is sharing shit. All class 2008 to 2011. Whenever y'all ready to actually share I will. I'll be waiting
Do you have Paige Taylor celina or any of those chicks?
I do and I posted pictures previously as proof that I have them. I'm still waiting for someone to drop Sydney P then I will drop everything I have of Taylor and Celina.
Can you at least post a pic of it blurred or like not showing anything to prove it?
(594.75 KB 992x1376 Syd.jpg)
Got a certain someone that starts with S and Last name P. Post Celina or Taylor for the unedited pic
(73.83 KB 640x960 i-Nndvtqq-X2.jpg)
There is no way that picture is Sydney. But I will post one more teaser for anyone who has an actual pic of Sydney. I have a bunch more.
(9.88 KB 117x173 7.jpg)
(8.14 KB 91x151 images.jpeg)
I will look through my old phone. I had a few of Sierra and Sydney. I have this one of when they drove by me and flashed and mooned on Wadsworth. How are Taylor's tits?
(85.22 KB 640x960 i-g9ghzLH-X2.jpg)
(157.14 KB 640x960 i-rdg5J5g-X2.jpg)
Looking forward to seeing more. Do you have those in higher resolution?
I have some sierra if someone will post Taylor celina or paige
(203.10 KB 1186x2208 1.jpg)
I have a bunch from Sierra's OF also. But I'm really only interested in Syd out of that group TBH.
Well idk who Sydney so i don’t have any. Shitty that because I don’t have this specific chick that you can’t post what you have.
Sounds like someone else might, hopefully he comes through. That's the only way we both get what we want.
It's a video that's why it's not high resolution. I'll post the video if you post Tays tits. The two of Tay were very normal pics
Any more onlyfans for the area?
Honestly I don't have any full nudes of Taylor. Just a bunch of "modeling" pictures that have never been posted. I think they are worth seeing, and I'd love to see that video. Did you find anything on the old phone?
Do you have any of Taylor’s tits? What about celina or Taylor’s sister Paige? I know she has nudes
Yeah I found 4 on my old phone and have the video but I wanna see some Tay titties or others from D ridge first. Class 2008 to 2011. Vid shows her pussy pretty good
I don't have Taylor tits. So far I've posted 4 pretty hot pics of Taylor and a nude of Sierra and I've only seen 2 pics so blurry they could be anything. I have more of those type of pics of Taylor, a bunch of Sierra, Carolee, Jenna, and some of Paige that were posted here previously. I think it's about 50 50 that you have the pics you say you do or you just downloaded some blurry images from google.
I have to see at least one legit picture or video before I post more.
All I really give a shit about is Taylor (which you say you don’t have nudes), her hot ass sister Paige more importantly, and their friend celina whose possibly the hottest of them all. I have carolee, sierra, tiff w (who somehow got busted and somehow has terrible tits) and that’s about it
Well like I said, I have more of that type of picture of Taylor, saved some of the better ones. I also have two pics of Paige that were posted before. If you don't want to see them that fine but so far I haven't seen a single thing. Post just one of the pics you have of Sydney and I'll post some more of Taylors nude ass. I've also got a bunch of other girls like Chelsey N. If you don't at least post one to show you have them then I give up.
I’m not the one with Sydney but if I post like all that I have will you post Chelsea Paige and Taylor?
I am gonna hold out for Sydney. Hopefully the other guy will come through for both of us. You don't have any class of 2012-2013 do you?
No I don’t but that’s fucking lame lol whatever man
Fuckin sissy bitch probably doesn’t have shit anyway lol
Damn, wish I could post a crying emoji... You have nothing to contribute, quit bitching about it. I'll post all the pics you want when someone starts posting what I'm here for.
Okay right on so we will just here and not see shit that’s fucking fun
Can’t even provide teaser pics to prove he has them
I've posted plenty of teasers. You know damn well I have the pics I say I do. If I was lying I would have said I have nudes of Taylor. But I'm done posting shit until someone else contributes. Was the video and pics of Sydney a lie? If someone really have 3 pics and a vid, post one of the pics and I'll post some more stuff for the next pic.
It’s just lame because I’m not the one who has this Sydney chick. It’s like what are these threads here for?? Just post shit
So it was a lie that there were any pics of Sydney? If anyone ever actually drops one I will post a bunch for the next one.
Actually it was the truth. I just don't care to post a whole ass 2 minute video for some bullshit in return. I don't care about some modeling pics with no tits
Any wins of this littleton milf?
>>3469 Like I said, I have nudes of other women from that group. I have some of Chelsea N. full nude and having sex. As well as various others. If you really have 3 pics and a vid then post one pic and I'll post a bunch that I think you might know. Then if you want more you can pose one more pics of her, and so on.
Where’s the dude who has Paige r and celina p that’s what I wanna see
Post Meagan M!ller or Class of 2008 and I'll post a matching Paige or Sydney one for each you post.
>>3492 Do you know Chelsy N or Brittany S? I've got a bunch of Littleton girls I just don't know which one's you would want. I still want Sydney.
>>3281 Anymore wins of her wow!
>>3530 Who's that? If someone posts some of Chelsy N that haven't been posted here before or her friend Tess I'll share Sydney. Chelsy had some of her fucking on here but I want to see new ones. I really wanna see Tess's tits
>>3513 Who you got from Littleton?
>>3562 So we’re just holding out instead of blasting everything we have like what the page is intended for lol. Weak lol. What’s the point. If you got something post it.. it’s simple. Someone looking for someone and you have it that’s the point is to share it lol. Stingy
>>3282 You say you have mackenzi3 b so let’s see.. what the page is for lol
>>3562 Hmm, weird a couple posts disappeared. Post an edited pic of Sydney so I know you actually have what you say you do, then I'll post some more.
I agree like wtf just post what you have this site is for the boys!
What's Chelsy only fans?
Wait Chelsea has an onlyfans??
I think so because I always see pics of her doing webcams with other chicks in it. Where the vids at
Whish I had more but just saw the conversation about dude not sharing his mackenzie pics haha so here's what I got to help not much but ya
Thank you! This is what this thread should be about! Post your shit!
>>3633 Yo this chick used to come into the Panera at the SWPlaza mall at least once a month when I worked there, she's so hot!
Need to see those Chelsea n and Paige r nudes
(718.27 KB 1552x2592 IMAG0339.jpg)
(81.39 KB 455x960 1616128670889-1.jpg)
(140.86 KB 480x800 1616128670889-2.png)
(71.36 KB 658x594 1614603815857-0.jpg)
(4.92 MB 828x1792 Raven.png)
(1.10 MB 668x891 Capture.PNG)
Here's a bunch. I still really want to see some pics of Sydney P, but I'll just hook you up and hope for the best.
(132.19 KB 604x604 IMG_0489.jpg)
(941.87 KB 2109x2812 1.jpg)
>>3646 I also have a bunch more of these three if anyone knows them.
Damn I only know one of those chicks but the drop is super appreciated! Let’s keep it going!!!
Lol that’s the raven pic I posted on the last thread…
>>3657 Exactly why I stopped posting. I have about 15 others from D ridge but people are just reposting shit from previous threads. When I see something new, I'll post.
I can gain entry to any sna9chat & i cIoud. I learnt how to gain entry into them while working for both. If this interests you then speak to me on sna9chat or k to the ik and let’s talk biz//ness. Check the pic posted for details.
>>3658 I've been posting new shit, but also assuming not everyone saw every old thread I'm reposting for other people... Not to mention a lot of stuff that has been posted on old threads was posted by me in the first place.
I thought Paige was posted last thread and I don’t see her stuff on this one??
Yep bump
Didn’t Paige r and carolee f have inlyfans at some point? I thought all those friends group may have
Wtf happened
>>3791 What happened is there were only a few people posting. I got tired of being the only one contributing, I am still waiting for a pic of Sydney P that someone said they have, then I will post a ton. Unfortunately I have a feeling they were lying and don't actually have any.
>>3811 If someone posts Sydney and you post what you have of Tatyanna, I will post Taylor R.
Do you have any of her sister Paige r? What about dude who said they had Chelsea n? I think I can get Tiffany w but her nudes aren’t great… I can also get sierra, carolee, raven, and possibly a few if we get Paige r Taylor r celina p or Chelsea n I’ll post
(1.98 MB 821x1610 SierraO (2).png)
(4.92 MB 828x1792 Raven.png)
(755.05 KB 1552x2592 Chelsey.jpeg)
(179.85 KB 1344x1792 TiffanyWiggins.jpg)
>>3943 I've got all of them already. I just want Sydney P. I'll post more of all of them once I see Sydney. I know there are pics out there.
Those are the ones I posted last thread lol doesn’t seem like anyone has Sydney man you should just post..
(479.77 KB 816x1490 Screenshot_20221130_200632.jpg)
Bailey. I got one of Paige too if we see Taylor or Tess
We’ve seen almost everyone but Paige. Why can’t everyone just post their shit?
Jesus! Can we just see ANY girls from Dakota Ridge?
Bump for Paige r Taylor r and celina p AGAIN
Bump paige r pu$$
That’s what I’m sayin BUMPPP
Fucking bump
This is starting to get stupid
>>4015 It's been stupid. There have only been a couple people posting anything and now that we are out of stuff to post or tired of being the only ones contributing there is nothing else going on. Is everyone hording pics or do you just not have any?
I have posted 17 of the pictures above. That is just scratching the surface. I just want to see Sydney then I will post a bunch more. If no one has her or anyone else I know from around Sydney and Taylors age then what am I doing here?
Dude first of all I posted half more than half of those pictures you “already had” on the last thread. I’m sure if one of us had the girls you were looking for we would’ve posted them already. I know I certainly would have I already posted a bunch of chicks and literally haven’t gotten any girls Ive wanted to see in return You can just be a hero and fucking post what you have so we’re not sitting here looking like a bunch of dumbasses
I can’t believe this thread is t full!
>>4043 As a pre thanks have some
Who is that?
Didn’t Paige r and carolee f have like a webcam account at some point?
Bump for this pathetic thread
Idk whoever put up Ch3 lsE Y N should be given a medal. Is the shot of her on some guy a video?
(46.63 KB 960x640 1.jpg)
>>4160 Haha, Plenty more where that came from if anyone can track down a picture of Sydney P. I need to see those calcium cannons.
If that’s chelse@ n that’s an old af pic
But also very much appreciated!! Let’s see some Paige r celina p Taylor r Lauren c all those hoes!!!
Anything from around class of 2017?
I have some Madi S if anyone has anything
People just post your shit!
This is so annoying
Someone should Potts just to keep this alive…
Ohhhh could I dump a shit ton here. 🤣 Someone post some 08 to 10 and I will.
You should just post man. Unfortunately doesn’t seem like anyone has anything
>>4326 I've already posted most of what I have from around those years. I have a bunch from 2012. But after everything I've posted I still haven't seen anything of anyone I know so if you post some 2012 I'll post some.
Lol okay well again no one has anything otherwise I’m sure it might be posted.. another case of “oh I of course have every girl you ever wanted but I won’t post it unless I see what I want” kind of bullshit thread…
Bumping again
whose got that sexy little raver?
Never heard of her is she hot
Bump for literally any Dakota sluts. Let's see some tits already!
That’s what I’m saying!!! Post your shit! Please!
Littleton Onlyfans Tags. Drop em!
(644.77 KB 2004x2004 2014.jpg)
(63.62 KB 494x640 2011.jpg)
(91.46 KB 1088x1088 mac.jpg)
(69.66 KB 1080x1080 blzd.jpg)
(61.48 KB 640x635 blzd_ass.jpg)
(39.75 KB 480x600 mackenzie.jpg)
some pics from before she got the tits
Tiffany H or sisters or anyone from these years??
Still looking for Paige r(0m3ro) Taylor r(0m3ro) celina p(hagan) Lauren c (don’t remember her last name) Chelsea or any of those chicks!
I have a few of Paige. If I post, who do you have to post?
Only person I really have is her friend carolee (don’t remember her last name) but she super hot with perfect tits
Not sure who that is. Post a pic of her
This is carolee
Yeah no idea who she is but I know her friends. Anyone have any of them? She does look like she has some nice titties tho. How are the nips. Lauren and Brit had some somewhere
She Definitely has one of the best pairs of tits I’ve seen. I’d love to see Lauren and Brit well. If you post what you have of Paige I’ll post a bunch of carolee!
She looks hot and I want to see her tits but not enough to show what I got. Maybe if they are really the best tits
If you post a pic of Paige’s nude but like censored or something as proof you have them then I’ll post a nude of carolee. I’m telling you best titties ever. Amazing body. I have multiple of her
I mean I wanna see em but not bad enough to give up the ones I got. They are pretty good. Ha. If you wanna share them I might but if not it's cool.
Would rather see someone I know
I understand that I just don’t have anyone you have which is a bummer because I’ve been wanting to see nudes of her forever… so even if I post what I have you won’t even post?
I'll post one if yours are good but just one for now
Okay fuck it here’s one… I’m just hoping you lost I’ve been waiting to see nudes but haven’t and I’m not afraid to post like other bitches… whatever
Post* not lost lol
Had a strong feeling you wouldn’t post…
Please post Paige r
(169.25 KB 667x351 201737374858826.png)
Still don't know who that is but here's a teaser. I'll post uncensored when we get Taylor or someone from that group
Lol I’m not even in on this convo but that is a terrible photoshop hahahaha
Lol that’s hilarious
Anyone have Riley S? Just graduated HS last year. Total easy slut. Takes and sends nudes for fun.
I don’t know who that is but I’m still focused on getting Paige r people keep claiming they have her but nothing has showed
>>4018 Where is the old thread I keep reading about?
dk I wish we could find it because apparently Paige r and others I’m looking for are on it. Like I said people keep claiming they have them but I e seen nothing
Will someone just post Paige r already?!? God damn!
(63.56 KB 255x154 1447711701683.png)
I've got some of Paige R including pussy. Here's one from a vid to prove. Someone else post and I'll keep them coming. Have lots
That doesn’t look like Paige r(0m3ro)
Here’s a little something a friend sent to me long time ago. Not much but hope it helps
>>4609 Well it is...
Okay please keep posting then! Like homie who posted the ass pic! Much appreciated! I’ll post more carolee but that’s really all I’ve got!
Got lots more but like I said gonna wait til others post some D ridge
Come on man just post before this site gets taken down!
Here’s a little see through… she looks weird but it’s the closest we’ve got so far. People should just post…
We kept posting now let’s see more paige
Bump come onnn
Who got M1r@nd@ B or that year?
>>4642 I want to see her friend Sydney. But I gave up on it. I know they have to be out there the way those girls party.
Bump for Paige and Taylor
Anyone got bohdi p? And bump for Paige as well
@meli@ Br1cker
Eww… please let’s post better
Can we please get Paige’s tits please
I have nudes of a lot of these girls in this group lmk who you have and we can -.
There you go if no one else posts what they have I won't post anymore
Fuck yes thank you to the unselfish person who finally posted Paige. Shit took forever. If I ever come across any chick I have in my folder when I search tonight I’ll post it
Please just post those chicks man we’ve already declared no one has them or else they would’ve been posted already
Yep. Got a few more Paige too. Would like to see Rachel I though
If someone has Rachel, I'll post more
Would love to see Rachel I as well but it’s not gonna happen. That’s why we need to just post what we have and not be stingy that’s what this whole forum is for
I can post a shitload of carolee if we can get more Paige
Does anyone have any of britt@ny W?
Bigger nips than expected. Gotta be post pregnancy. Still hot
We need more Tiff W, her sister, Paige or their friends
3 posts said they'd post if r@chel was posted.. it's your time to shine now
Ha fucked Rachel once.. fun times. But they’re right Rachel was posted so we should see more Paige immediately!
Haha. How was it? I almost did but I passed out while getting head. Too much partying. Bet it was tight back then.
Casey K. Got several others from class of 2009 to 2011 if interested. Actually got good tits
She’s definitely a giver haha it was fun for sure. Let’s get some more Paige!!
I have a feeling most of us know eachother haha
Could be possible lol
Bump for more Paige!
>>4717 Would love to see more of any from your 09-11 collection. Willing to $
Anyone have Jessica w(yman)? Used to be fat as hell but became insanely sexy. Total bitch though
Disc YQhmZZfa
More interested in M1r@nd@ or Cel1n@ than Paige
C3l!na fur sure as well as br!ttnay w. L@uren c. Does anyone have wins from Chatfield 09 or 08?
Which Brittany w and Lauren c are you talking about? I might have it…
B. W!gg!n$ and L. cr3@d!ck
>>3633 Bump
I’d love to see them as well tiff was in here but she used to be hot and got busted out of nowhere. Still wanting Paige Taylor celina Lauren Chelsea all those girls
Lookin for like a hot pic of Paige and those chicks ya know?
At this point. Just post anyone
This thread has the chance to be so fucking cool right now
>>4774 Man, I would love to see T@yl0r l@mb0rn or M3g@n h@rr0d! They don't really seem like the type though.
>>4831 Yeah I don't think so either but figured couldn't hurt to ask and maybe someone has some wins
Keeps getting deleted but anyone have more of k3@l3y?
Anyone have r!v3r (j@m3s)/w3stf@ll?
Who's got Meagan M*ller or Lauren C
There is this one but I wanna see her tits
Amy wins for @rin?
Who said they had Megan. I wanna seeeeeee
That pic of m3gan was the one i had too, that's all I have of her sorry
Anyone have Kayla d(ouglas)???
I know there’s videos of Paige r floating anyone around anyone haven them?
Does anyone have anything at all?
Valid question… please post!
Video of Paige fuckin and suckin dick and I’ll never post again
Someone be a hero and post that video omg
Same seriously someone just post some shit!
Y’all are asking for people to post constantly we get it you want content shut the fuck up or post it yourself
Damn dude hahahaha
Seeing Paige give a bj would be dope!
Wow that person actually deleted the nude of Paige… what a prick…
For real that’s fucked up