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Anon 06/14/2022 (Tue) 17:08:19 No. 11337
Didn't see what was on last thread. Let's get this school going again.
You didn’t see what was on the last thread because there was fucking nothing in the last thread. Kill yourself, and stop making threads with zero contributions you literal faggot.
>>11342 Do you have nothing better to do every day than check this board and post F-bombs because you have a sorority girlfriend that sent noods to half the frats and you're scared they'll leak? You gots to chill, get outta here. If you're so worried about contribution, then contribute. And if you're a woman, then expose this shit. Otherwise stfu with your whiny ass
>>11344 Do you have nothing better to do all day other then spam your empty threads you faggot virgin? Hang yourself you retarded cunt, you’re not going to see any wins
Damn didn’t know UCR had White Knight for a mascot
(51.45 KB 720x960 246.jpg)
>>11402 Who even is this? No name, no face, how do we even know she goes to UCR?
>>11403 The type of critical thinking skills UCs love to see
(479.59 KB 1279x853 Melody.jpeg)
(773.16 KB 562x1238 1641327275665.png)
>>11581 bump for Meldoy
>>11581 rest of those photos 1mgu12 a/emCfI4y
>>11643 Fuck off with the ig photos faggot
>>11663 Gotta agree with this one
(105.17 KB 720x960 Rfnamo .jpg)
>>11671 who is that?