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Anonymous 04/14/2022 (Thu) 04:37:23 No. 2216
Hailee steinfeld nudes would be a W!
(362.43 KB 1365x2500 Kxn24yz.jpg)
sadly this is the best we have so far
Would be the W of the year for me if her photos leaked. She def the type to takes nudes
Doubt she'll evr actually have them shown. Would be awesome though.
want to see her cock
I’m sure she has. Heard she’s kind’ve a slut or at the very least gives off that vibe. I remember someone saying she’s not all nice and friendly like how she’s portrayed. Person asked for a pic and she looked them up and down and said “Ew, no” lmao.
>>2235 Her snap was cracked about a year ago... no "wins"😓
>>2409 Let me put my money where my mouth is: G0f / d / ATELVW
>>2412 What’s this
>>2412 thanks bro. you're a hero
>>2412 Wow thanks so much! such a big fan of hers. Even non nudes are great :)
>>2409 >>2412 Bruh, are those your OC ? Or are they just -d around ?
>>2409 wasn't lili reinhart's snap hacked awhile back as well? do you know if there was anything there?
>>2427 -d? You mean p a ss -d? Lets say it like this... ive contributed way more 2 the fapp. That 4chanthehackerguy.. shopped at our stores >>2428 Na. Will ask 2 of the main sources
>>2429 kinda dumb… how do i use that series of letters and numbers?
>>2429 any more sets you can share?
>>2429 Are you connected to the guy that starts with the letter f ?
>>2435 frank/scherry is full of shit and only has bad nn sets, don't believe things he says
>>2412 >>2436 Thanks so much for Hailee! She's my fav. Even nn's make my day!
>>2436 Ah he's gotten my hopes up on so many occasions with his "teases." Especially the old Hailee tease which came from this and the Taylor Swift teases.
Only non-nudes of her have leaked so far. There also pics of Hailee sucking cock, but it is a rare set, will come out eventually.
Always Knew Hailee was a dirty slutty nasty whore. Today it was confirmed.
>>2440 You might know, were any of the Alycia debnam Carey rumours true?
>>2436 He aint. Cause we fixed alot in the past ;). Maybe he doesnt want them 2 leak, or cooperate with you. Bur mant magic happened when we worked on the fapp 24/7
>>2435 For 6 years already
>>2440 Point is.. all the leaks results in more security upgrades.. what results in less new "gold". Cause every leak gets spread all over the inet. In like 3 seconds. If you want new shit.. better upgrade your cyber cracking skills ;) Become independent
>>2440 Are you able to share any?
>>2440 Wait so you “heard of a set” so it’s not actually a thing?
>>2412 What is this? Is it a link?
What site is that? hell even if it’s nn that’d be great. Some Emilia Clarke leaks on top of this stuff would be a winner in my book. well “pre skeleton” Emilia anyway lmaoo
How do I open it
>>2436 Huh ? I'm pretty sure this one is his. Still a mystery how it managed to leak
>>2453 oh this is franku's?
>>2440 >>2453 Cause it was never a 1 man's job ;)
>>2453 >>2459 Oowh yea, and i stand correctly.. the set leaked everywhere immediatly🤣.. Gladd i didnt uploaded better stuff
>>2460 > Anonymous 05/15/2022 (Sun) 21:46:53 No. 2460 >>2453 >>2459 Oowh yea, and i stand correctly.. the set leaked everywhere immediatly🤣.. Gladd i didnt uploaded better stuff Lying on a porn board to look cool to a bunch of guys trying to bust a nut? Hope things get better for you.
>>2462 I didne mean steinie specific Cause you dont have stuff, or maybe any cyber skills, doesnt mean people dont have stuff. Hope you upgrade, so you can enjoy life better
>>2462 But no prob. Ill enjoy my stash. You have fun waiting untill someone wants 2 share it on 1 of the boards you are F5-ing 24/7
>>2412 yo what site is this for
>>2468 Only gay niglets who need gassing hoard porn and seek attention from random male strangers on the internet
>>2474 And cuz of people. Supplies dropp hard ;) Good luck on google images
>>2475 post a list. have some fun.
>>2468 lol he doesn't speak for us. share the stash hehe
>>2429 Any more of the Colbie Smulders leak that franku teased?
>>2216 Any more Ashley Benson?