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Anonymous 04/23/2022 (Sat) 06:13:31 No. 1197
Real talk: i really want to show you all my wife, but she wont let mr take pictures. How can I go about this? Shes a light sleeper. I would like to do it while she is sleeper hard.
Can I get anybody's help? I really would like to share content of my wife with you all
Set you phone up somewhere hidden and let it respam for a while or buy a hidden camera alarm clock/wall charger if you can’t get her to sleep heavy
I dont want to just provide casual picture. I want up close and personal for you guys. I need her to be a "heavy sleeper" so I can provide what you guys want
>>1270 Then look up drinks or medicines to help you sleep that you can slip her you know best what you have access to
Im looking to get help from someone. Hoping for someone to help me get in the right direction. I need something that will put her to sleep and make her a "heavy sleeper"
I have been trying to find those for a long time. Don't even know if roofies are still a thing but I really want to find some
Or something similiar with no damage
Dude roofies are dangerous! If you loved your wife you would not do this!
This radiates sex trafficking/-/small dick energy and that's not okay. Wife or not what you're talking about doing makes you look like a guy who needs put the fuck away or killed. If you're being truthful, I hope she leaves you before you expose her without content which is ILLEGAL. and if you're not legit and you just wanna find these drugs to do worse things, I hope cops find your ass or are at least watching this specific post because it needs turned in. You're fucked in the head bro. Don't procreate k. We don't need more of you wasting space.
Tell her you'll buy her a dog if she does
This is a terrible idea with awful consequences. Just communicate she’s your wife. Imagine you drug her and she has an adverse effect. You could poison or kill her. And I wonder who the cops would suspect first?